Chapter 23: Changing Jobs into Asura
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 23: Changing Jobs into Asura

Tian Xiu slowly finished reciting the history of the Asura Job. Taking in a breath, he said with a stern face, “I, the 22nd generation Asura Tian Xiu ask whether you are willing to accept the Asura’s strength, prestige, and reputation?”

“I’m willing!” Feng Xiao secretly curled his lips. He hated that Tian Xiu would ask this rhetorical questions, but at the same time, his heart filled with anticipation.

“Alright!” Tian Xiu face turned red with excitement, “I, Tian Xiu, by the prestige of the Asuras now pass on the strength of the Asura to the 23rd generation successor, Wind Spirit.”

Tian Xiu’s body was covered in a layer of red light that gradually condensed into his finger and was released as a dark red ball of light.

Cruelty, viciousness, resentment, and countless other kinds of evil qi came from the ball of light. Tian Xiu muttered a few words and quickly extended his index finger, making the ball of light fly into Feng Xiao’s forehead.

Feng Xiao felt an explosion happen in his mind and he slowly lost consciousness as his vision turned fuzzy…...When his eyes cleared once again, his heart skipped a beat and he could not help trembling because he saw a sea of blood in front of him…..As well as a slaughter, an endless slaughter.

A man was wielding a giant sword with bloodshot eyes, just like a god of killing from hell, continuously harvesting lives all around him. The enemies fell all around him, their blood staining his sword and clothes, but he had no hesitation at all and continued to take the lives around him without pausing a single step!

Luo Jia!

…….It was hard to tell how many people he killed and how long he had been killing, but the earth had been turned into a sea of blood and the sky had been dyed blood read. There was even the smell of blood in the air that irritated his nose…...The only thing that didn’t change was his calm expression. Until there was not a single living being around him, he held the sword in his hand as he stood there like a man made of blood in the middle of the countless severed limbs…...Not knowing where to go or who to kill next.

What this Luo Jia…...Feng Xiao’s heart trembled. It could be said that an Asura killing others looked just like a real Asura, but this was nothing more than a giant joke.

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