Chapter 264: Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s pestering
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 264: Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s pestering

The Heavenly Dragon Square was no longer as crowded as before. 99% of the players had already spread to the other cities outside of the Imperial City, but a few people would still roam around the resurrection point at the center of the square each day. It was as if they didn’t level up, they didn’t do business, and they didn’t enjoy life.

Two beautiful figures appeared in the center of the square. Feng Yao slightly covered Bao Bao to stop the crowd of people from touching her as she led her to the Feng House.

In a different place, people with different looks finally let out a long sigh of relief. They took out their communication devices and called their superiors……

“Big sister Yao’er, it’s so noisy here. This is my first time seeing all these people.” Bao Bao curiously looked at the crowd around them. She had been protected by her mother with the gentlest methods since she was young, so she never went to a place filled with crowds and noise. Even in the «Rebirth» world, she had only ever teleported between the Feng House and Fire God City with Feng Xiao’s Space Gate, so she never had to move through this kind of crowd before.

Theft is never good, try looking at

“Big sister doesn’t like this kind of crowded place either, let’s leave quickly.” Feng Yao helplessly shook her head. She even complained a bit about the system not letting people teleport right to their house.

It was a good thing that the Feng House was just to the west of the Heavenly Dragon Square. It was a good position that people would spew out blood of jealousy, she would be home in just one minute.

The soft steps just like a fairy……When she approached the house, Feng Yao stopped and slightly knitted her brows.

“Hello……may I ask if you are……Yao Dreams of Loving Wind?”

Heavenly Demon Shadow felt his tongue was a bit out of control and he strangely stuttered when he spoke. This was his first time being this close to this legendary goddess and the noble fairy like aura made him feel that he was inferior. He didn’t dare look into those eyes that were more beautiful than stars.

“I am, may I ask if you need something?” Feng Yao softly replied as she secretly gave a sigh.

Feng Xiao had long told her that since he had brought the Duanmu Family’s Madame Proud Moon here, the Feng House had been exposed. Although there wouldn’t be any big problems, small problems would still come.

She could directly enter without paying any attention to him, but she chose to face it with a cold look. If possible, she wanted to help her big brother take care of these developing “small problems”.

Bao Bao saw the change in Feng Yao’s expression and looked at the black clothed man who looked like he was standing on hot coals with a slightly confused look.

“It’s……It’s an honour to meet you……I, I am your loyal fan and admirer……” Heavenly Shadow Demon scolded himself in secret a few times while doing his best to suppress the nervousness in his heart, “It’s……It’s like this, our young master wants to……Ah, it’s

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