Chapter 263: Huge Super Divine Grade Materials
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 263: Huge Super Divine Grade Materials

He had almost suffered two similar tragedies in two days.

Seeing the various coloured glows that were either blue, bronze, silver, gold, and even a few red dots on the sea, Feng Xiao trembled with excitement. He didn’t dare waste any time as he used the “Spiritual Water Dance” of the Water Spirit Boots to move across the water, charging at the various equipment without any owners.

There was a large range to the fight with the Vast Sea Rage Shark, so there was no end in sight of the various equipment on the sea. Feng Xiao quickly rushed across the water, only picking up equipment that were over level 40 and above the Silver Grade. The luck of the Super Divine Beast and the Sacred Beast definitely weren’t low, so there was a higher drop rate for the high level monsters that they killed. One out of every thirty pieces of equipment was at the Gold Rank.

This drop rate was several dozen times higher than a normal player.

Chasing the Vast Sea Rage Shark Away and talking with the Azure Dragon for a while, fifty six minutes had already passed. Feng Xiao’s eyes locked onto the high grade equipment and his hands kept moving without stopping. Finally, after a few minutes, the equipment on the sea disappeared and Feng Xiao’s inventory was almost completely filled.

“Hei, hei, I really earned a lot this time.” Feng Xiao stood on the sea with a proud smile.

He used the “Infinite Space Gate” to return to Bing Xue Er’s private room. Bing Xue Er who had been silently waiting for him came in front of him with a joyful look and tightly hugged him. If possible, she really wanted to hug him forever and never separate from him.

“The Vast Sea Rage Shark has been chased off and the City of Ice’s weather should slowly warm up.” Feng Xiao softly said.

“Un! I know, the Sacred God Azure Dragon already told me. She also said……” Bing Xue Er looked up with intoxicating blue eyes that were filled with charm and love, “.....All of this was your doing. The one who chased off the Vast Sea Rage Shark was you.”

Feng Xiao’s expression froze as he felt a bit awkward. That Azure Dragon really was good at sharing fame, even pushing this large merit onto him. Without him, she could have still chased him away, but without her, he would have been suppressed by the Vast Sea Rage Shark.

Feng Xiao revealed a modest smile which was considered silent agreement before he quickly changed the topic, “Come, I want to bring you to see something.”

Without waiting for Bing Xue Er to reply, Feng Xiao called out Xiao Bai and pulled Bing Xue Er on before teleporting with her to a vast field of snow.

“My man, do you like this place?” Looking at the pure white around them, Bing Xue Er revealed a faint smile. She grew up in the snow, so her body had an aura that was even more pure than the snow.

Feng Xiao revealed a faint smile and didn’t say anything. He was satisfied with how vast this place was and he had a thought.


The giant sound scared Bing Xue Er and she tightly held Feng Xiao’s hand. This Snow Empress that always handle

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