Chapter 265: Bao Bao makes a move
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 265: Bao Bao makes a move


Feng Yao rarely got angry, but facing this person that kept causing trouble for her big brother, she couldn’t control her anger. There was even the impulse to kill him.

“One and a half billion!” Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s expression didn’t change at all as he gave a large enticement that would make countless people go crazy.

Which was also his bottom line.


“Big sister Yao’er, there’s no need to care about this big baddie, alright? Let’s go home.” Bao Bao pulled on Feng Yao’s clothes. She hated contacting men other than Feng Xiao, especially this man in front of her that she hated.

Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s face finally sank. This was his first time talking to a girl this respectfully, but he was rejected again and again without being given any face…...If the soft method doesn’t work, then he could only……use the hard method.

“Do you believe that you would regret this!?” Tearing up his gentle appearance, Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud revealed a cold look. There was a fierce look that made it clear that he wouldn’t give up on his goal and an obscene look that couldn’t be hidden in his eyes.

“What a joke, are you worthy!” Feng Yao looked into his eyes without showing any signs of weakness. Her left hand secretly covered Bao Bao just in case he recklessly attacked in the city.

Bao Bao was smart, so how could she not hear the threat in Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s words. There was a familiar and unfamiliar anger that started to burn in her young heart.

It had to be said, Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud had succeeded. Just a few words, just a few actions, and just a few expressions had successfully lit the flames of anger in Bao Bao. Bao Bao who had grown up in the world’s warmest bed had only been truly angry two times in her life. The first time, she had killed three thousand players that had surrounded Asura. The second time……

The sacred glowing demon gun appeared in Bao Bao’s small hands. Her expression changed and with an angry grunt, she didn’t hesitate to shoot a white shell at Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud.


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