Chapter 217: Seductive Rainbow (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 217: Seductive Rainbow (Part 2)

By the small pavilion, there was a woman silently standing there. Only when they approach did she slowly turn around.

A face was white as snow, creamy skin, and white clothes, this elegant beauty could stun the world.

This was the appraisal that Feng Xiao couldn’t help giving. Although there was the fine gauze covering her face, he felt that this woman’s grace and elegance wasn’t less than his Yao’er.

With this sigh of praise, he muttered to himself, “How could such a beautiful woman like to cover her face……”

“Please keep your promise and give me your Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow.” The calm eyes didn’t have a single ripple in them, even only staying on Feng Xiao for a slight second. Only when she looked at the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow did they sparkle a bit.

She wanted this bow, not just because of its beautiful appearance. The most important thing was because it was an Immortal Item, the only Immortal Bow in the Chinese Server. That was why she agreed to meet this man.

Feng Xiao knitted his brows because he keenly noticed that when she looked at him, those eyes had……disgust in them!

Damn, this is good. Feng Xiao who had been worshipped by girls since he was young was actually being looked at by a girl like this.


Feng Xiao gently pulled on the bowstring and watched it vibrate with a calm look. Then he said in a voice filled with disdain, “Your words are wrong, I requested that you come and see me, but now I’m coming to see you. Does this fit my condition? Don’t you think that your words are a bit dumb?”

Seductive Rainbow slightly knitted her brows, but she didn’t get angry as she calmly said, “It is indeed like this. Then what other conditions do you have?”

“My condition is very simple.” Feng Xiao gave a laugh as his expression became lewd, “The condition is……you can be with me for three nights.”

Rainbow Clothed You You and Rainbow Clothed Piao Piao were about to get angry, but seeing that Seductive Rainbow endured this, they only looked at Feng Xiao with disgust and disdain in their eyes.

What he didn’t expect was that this graceful and calm number one beauty didn’t reveal an angry look, she wasn’t even surprised by this. She looked somewhere else and gave a sigh after a while as if she already expected this.

“Men are all this lowly and dirty……You can leave.”

Seeing the disappointment and disdain in her eyes, Feng Xiao curled his lips, “No matter how lowly and dirty men are, they are still men. As for you, you might be the number one beauty and the guild master of Rainbow World, but you will be pressed under a man eventually.”

“Moreover, don’t you think that your tone towards me is laughable? Please, you’re asking me now and I’m not asking you. Moreover, you’re not my wife or my boss, but you’re speaking down to me. Aren’t you just a bit beautiful, have a big chest, a round butt, do you think that you’re that much better than others? What a joke! Any girl by my side is a hundred times better than you.”

Seductive Rainbow’s narrow

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