Chapter 218: Many things to scare you to death
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 218: Many things to scare you to death

Seeing the Golden Mantis running over, Feng Xiao quickly made the best choice.


The Golden Mantis’ target wasn’t him, but rather the Puppet Substitution that was still there even after being attacked many times. It brandished its sickles to send out three attacks.

-2900, +250, -3002, +250, -2949, +250.

Feng Xiao staggered when seeing this. This fellow’s three consecutive attacks almost dealt over ten thousand damage……That was even without critting. This kind of attack power, even against a knight that used “Shield Guard”, they might not be able to take more than two hits.

Shield Guard, that was the skill that knights gained after their second Job Change into a Heavy Knight. They would use the shield to protect themself and would cut physical damage in half. They couldn’t attack while this was up, but it didn’t have a time limit or cost them anything. It was the skill that was necessary for a party to face a powerful boss. Normally several knights would go forward to block the boss while the backline attacked, which created a safe boss raid.

Of course, that was against a normal or Silver Boss. But against this very rare and powerful Gold Boss, even with several dozen knights, they might not be able to keep everyone safe.

Facing a Gold Boss, at least eighty players of the same level had to gather to dare fight it. There weren’t that many people in the world that could solo these Gold Bosses…...Let alone when they were at a lower level.

Feng Xiao wasn’t a foolish enough to face it head on. He quickly withdrew thirty meters on Xiao Bai and changed his weapon to the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow.

Players needed three seconds to replace weapons and they couldn’t be interrupted during this process.

Using the support skill “Starlight Sparkle”, he locked the Golden Mantis that had destroyed the Puppet Substitution in two moves. Feng Xiao narrowed his eyes and sent out seven green glowing arrows from the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow.

The seven arrows flew in the formation of the Big Dipper and howled through the air as they hit the Golden Mantis that had been caught off guard……

-1784, -1788, -3520……

Feng Xiao couldn’t help giving a sigh. Whether it was the stats or the increased stats, the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow was much weaker than the Xuanyuan Sword. This attack was naturally also much weaker.

He pulled back the string of the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow again and green arrows formed on the bow. It gradually turned into a small tornado as in an instant, green arrows quickly flew out from the small tornado.

Sou, sou, sou, sou, sou, sou, sou……

Once the “Storm Arrow” came out, Feng Xiao couldn’t even see a trace of the arrows. He could only hear the sounds of the arrows cutting through the air. He couldn’t help secretly being surprised by this.

With the speed of these arrows, who could dodge them?

The arrows of the Storm Arrow kept hitting the Golden Mantis and its charging form kept being pushed back. It moved back several steps every secon

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