Chapter 210: Immortal Beast! Heavenly Water Turtle Emperor!
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 210: Immortal Beast! Heavenly Water Turtle Emperor!

Asura slowly turned his head. When he saw his eyes, Blood Domain Emotionless couldn’t help taking two steps back as his eyes filled with endless fear.

Was this……still the eyes of a human?

It was completely red……From the Asura’s Illusion that blocked his eyes, there were two clear red marks! The red light was as cold as the nine hells, as if it would tear him from piece to piece.

“Big brother Asura……”

This was a voice that came from the heavens that made Feng Xiao’s body tremble. All the killing intent that filled him disappeared without a trace as he looked up in disbelief.

In the white light, Bao Bao looked at him with a smile on her face.

“This is……Sacred Spirit Light!”

Sacred Spirit Light: Passive Skill

Light resistance +30%, has a 30% chance of recovering to full when the user dies without any losses.

“Yi? Why is it gone? Was it a mistake?” Tian Xiu looked at the sky with a look of doubt as he started doubting his own intuitions.

“Forget it, I should make some lunch.” Tian Xiu jumped into the territory of the level 80 Golden Crabs, killing one with each slap before happily baking them.

“It’s good that Bao Bao is fine. It’s your big brother Asura that’s useless and couldn’t protect you properly.” Feng Xiao tightly held Bao Bao in his embrace, as if he was afraid that she would be hurt again. He really wanted to punch himself. If it wasn’t for him being careless, how could she have been hurt?

“When I saw big brother Asura getting angry for me, I was very happy……” Bao Bao’s face was filled with happiness before suddenly pouting her lips, “But I don’t want to see big brother Asura being angry. So big brother Asura can’t be angry in the future!”

“Alright! As long as my little Bao Bao isn’t willing, I definitely won’t get angry again.” Feng Xiao quickly agreed before carrying her onto Xiao Bai.

“Yao’er, we’re leaving……I must have made you worry this time.” Seeing Feng Yao’s slightly pale face, Feng Xiao’s heart was filled with guilt.

Feng Yao shook her head with a faint smile. She held her big brother’s hand as she got on Xiao Bai and then tightly hugged him. When Bao Bao had been shot, she had clearly felt that shocking killing intent and her heart had been beating fast the entire time.

Looking at the slender white figure in front of her big brother, Feng Yao revealed a faint smile. This mysterious little Bao Bao had already become her big brother’s important little treasure.

If she was also hurt like that, big brother would also be that angry……So, she definitely had to protect herself.

Feng Yao leaned against Feng Xiao’s back, no longer willing to think about these silly questions.

The Infinite Space Gate opened and the one mount and three people disappeared. From beginning to end, Feng Xiao never looked at Blood Domain Emotionless, as if he had forgotten about his existence. However, he took a casual look when he was about to leave that left his heart beating wildly for three days and nights.

A minute later……the shocking video was spread all over the world in many f

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