Chapter 209: Divine Judgement! Instantly killing three thousand!
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 209: Divine Judgement! Instantly killing three thousand!

“That……Big brother Kuang Dao……”

“Why is he inside……Ah, we need to siege Asura!”

“Why is it like this……Wu……Ah, big brother Chong Yun, let them come back!”

The three Nangong sisters were so anxious that they were about to cry as they started shouting at Nameless Weeping Blood.

What surprised them was that Nameless Weeping Blood who always listened to them acted like he didn’t hear anything, as he had an uncertain look in his eyes.

“......Big brother Chong Yun, was it you! Did you have big brother Kuang Dao charge in!” Nangong Xiang Ling suddenly spoke in a very angry voice which also helped her two sisters understand.

“Humph! Other than him, who else could it be?” Howling Moon’s voice was filled with disdain. His eyes were still on Feng Xiao who moved at a shocking speed as his blood started to boil.

“Why are you sending so many people to deal with him!”

“How did Asura offend you!”

“Quickly call them back!”

Nameless Weeping Blood revealed an awkward look. With three beautiful fiancees that were more beautiful than fairies, it had always been his biggest pride and capital to showing off. He never did anything to make them unhappy and didn’t make any poor impressions on them……

But he couldn’t resist the enticement of the City Construction Token……

Nameless Weeping Blood gritted his teeth and ignored them.


“Big brother Chong Yun, we won’t talk to you anymore if you don’t call them back!” Nangong Xiang Xue angrily said.

Nameless Weeping Blood’s face twitched a few times. He turned back with an uncertain glow in his eyes, “For an Asura, you’re actually saying that you’ll ignore me?”

“Who told you to be bad! Asura was already being bullied by others and not only did you not help him, you’re acting the same as the baddies!” Nangong Xiang Ning’s face was filled with anger. Nangong Xiang Ling and Nangong Xiang Xue’s beautiful eyes also angrily stared at him.

“You all……”

There was a powerful frustration and hatred that came from Nameless Weeping Blood’s heart. The way he looked at Asura changed as the bit of shock and yearning inside of his greed turned to a fierce look.

Howling Moon’s sharp intuition captured the change in his expression and he revealed a look of ridicule.

“Come! We’re ignoring him!”

“We have to tell Asura about what happened today!”

“Big baddie! They are all big baddies!”

The three faint moving figures slowly disappeared and returned to Heavenly Dragon Imperial City. Then they indignantly went to the Popular World Restaurant to eat the gold meal. Moreover, it was all free, as all the expenses were paid by Asura.

Venting their dissatisfaction with food, they liked this method very much.

“Earth Destruction Wave!”

The people around him were sent flying. Feng Xiao’s Absolute Shadow disappeared and his speed dropped to a level that people could match.

Everyone surrounded him again and the earth and wind mages started throwing spells at their target. But this figure flashed before an ice flower appeared.

Feng Xiao and Xiao Bai’s figures teleported thr

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