Chapter 211: Summoned by Shui Yue
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 211: Summoned by Shui Yue

“Boss, did you find it?” Seeing Feng Xiao appear, Xiao Tian quickly stood up to ask this.

Feng Xiao shook his head, “There was no way. There was an Immortal Beast that appeared by the Heavenly Water Lake, so those that went to pick up the equipment all died.”

“What? Immortal Beast? ……Ah, boss, don’t stop me, I want to see what the Immortal Beast looks like!”

“You’ll die if you go!” Feng Xiao grabbed him before revealing an apologetic look, “I implicated you this time. You’ve offended many people for me.”

Xiao Tian’s exaggerated expression froze before he almost burst out in anger, “Damn! If you say this, do you even treat us as brothers!” Then there was a dark look in his eyes, “Actually, we were too useless. Other than being a burden, we couldn’t do anything else.”

“Boss, ice cube, do you remember our goal before the release of «Rebirth»? Yes, we had pledged that we would take over this world……Boss, when it comes to duels, you’ve already reached the level of taking over the world, but ice cube and I……We are only trash that are only a bit stronger than normal people.”

Chen Bing didn’t get angry because of Xiao Tian’s words, but he also revealed the same dark look. He knew that he was telling the truth and he couldn’t even compare to normal people.

The nightmare that restricted him in reality, he also couldn’t reach his goals in the game world.

Ice……Just what is your direction!

Feng Xiao was silent. He wanted to comfort them, but he didn’t know what to say. He always knew that under Xiao Tian’s playful appearance, there was a pride that was unwilling to be below anyone.

Chen Bing had even more reason to become stronger.

“Boss, we need your help.” Xiao Tian looked at him with bright eyes.

“We don’t need boss to get us better equipment and items, we have to work hard to become stronger ourselves. What we need is a turning point!”

“Turning point……”

“I understand!” Feng Xiao looked at Xiao Tian and Chen Bing, using his fist to hit their chests.

“My brothers definitely won’t be worse than me!”

“Right, hav

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