Chapter 212: Long Kui
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 212: Long Kui

“Wind……Spirit, you……you……” Empress Shui Yue stuttered out through gritted teeth as she wished that she could exterminate him with a single Heavenly Thunder Summon.

“What’s wrong with me?” Feng Xiao looked at Empress Shui Yue with an innocent look, “Could it be that your majesty didn’t want me to come?”


Empress Shui Yue’s words were stuck in her throat.

Because Feng Xiao’s hand had already moved to her chest. He started rubbing and pinching as a look of enjoyment appeared on his face from the beautiful sensation from his hands.

Empress Shui Yue’s eyes opened wide before she screamed for a full five seconds. She used a “Wild Purple Thunder” to slam him into the wall.


Master Zhang Tian trembled when he heard Empress Shui Yue’s scream and quickly looked. He was shocked to see the Secret Envoy slowly standing up in a corner and patting off the non-existent dust off his clothes before walking back with a look of hidden bitterness on his face.

“Even if you are the empress, you can’t randomly make a move against someone.” The Secret Envoy stood behind master Zhang Tian with an aggrieved look as he was secretly shocked by Empress Shui Yue’s power.

It was a pity that she was a pure mage……and her attribute was thunder.

“Master Zhang Tian, help me say something. Empress Shui Yue just attacked someone for no reason, could it be that I did something wrong?”

Seeing Feng Xiao secretly winking and master Zhang Tian’s inquisitive look, Empress Shui Yue’s body trembled in anger. It took a great deal of effort to suppress these emotions as she gritted her teeth and said, “It was my…..Humph, it was this one’s fault, this one apologizes.”

If this shameful matter was spread, her dignity as the empress would collapse.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m a very generous person……” Feng Xiao almost broke out in laughter. So what if you’re the empress, you actually took out the Giant Golden Dragon to scare me? Am I someone who suffers losses?

“Ke, ke, I wonder what your majesty has summoned me for.”

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