Chapter 213: Heaven Defying Scroll, Absolute Heaven
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 213: Heaven Defying Scroll, Absolute Heaven

“Big brother Wind Spirit, thank you for saving me.” Long Kui gave a slight bow as her red face had the shyness and pureness that only a young girl had.

“How do you know my name?”

“In that dark place, I could hear the voices from the outside.” Long Kui slightly lowered her head, as if she didn’t dare look in his eyes. It was as if she had done something wrong.

She could hear the voices from outside? Damn! Then didn’t I get taken advantage of!

Through Long Kui’s body, Feng Xiao could see the willows by the river. He couldn’t help feeling depressed as he thought: A ghost is a ghost, she doesn’t have a body……I can’t even gain anything from this.

Seeing his eyes looking right at her, Long Kui lowered her head even more. Only after a while did she slowly say, “Big brother Wind spirit, can I go and look for my big brother?”

Feng Xiao almost fainted. Jing Tian was in the store not far away, do you need to ask me? Don’t tell me that you don’t know the way.

Feng Xiao immediately revealed a friendly smile, “Of course! After not seeing each other for a year, you should miss your big brother very much……Come, let’s go together.”

Long Kui gave a soft “un” before floating behind Feng Xiao as they headed forward.

The business street of Yuzhou was crowded and very lively, but what surprised Feng Xiao was that ghost girl Long Kui behind him didn’t cause any of the bystanders to reveal surprised looks. At most there were only a few young girls who didn’t know anything who secretly looked at him.

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“Little sister Long Kui, the people here all know you?” Feng Xiao couldn’t help turning to ask this.

“No……They don’t. They shouldn’t be able to see me.” Long Kui softly replied.

So it was like this.

Wait……Why can I see you?

“Big brother Feng, you have the Soul’s Eyes. Any form of spirit cannot hide in front of you……” Sensing Feng Xiao’s surprise, Xuanyuan Wan’er quickly answered his doubts.

“It’s like this. The Soul’s Eye had such a good use.” Feng Xiao couldn’t help taking a few more looks at Long Kui, trying his best to try and see through her clothes.

But in the end, he was depressed as he failed.

The staff at the appraisal shop recognized Feng Xiao and respectfully brought him to Jing Tian’s room.

Jing Tian was at the shop and he was seriously looking over a few antiques. He didn’t look up when he heard someone come in and kept staring at the antique in his hand, as if he wanted to see through it.

“Big brother……” Long Kui’s eyes became a bit wet and she anxiously floated over, reaching her hands out to hug him.

Jing Tian’s hand trembled and he almost dropped the antique. He quickly put it on a table on the side before coming over to Long Kui with a pleasantly surprised look.

“Xiao Kui, you’re back! You went out to play for a full year, I almost died of worry!”

Xiao Kui’s hands went through Jing Tian. Although she already expected this, Long Kui’s face was still filled with disappointment. There were a few aggrieved tear

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