Chapter 205: Shocking appearance! City Construction Token! (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 205: Shocking appearance! City Construction Token! (Part 1)

“Wu! It’s big brother Asura!”

“But……But he doesn’t let us call him big brother Asura.”

“But calling him ‘good big brother’ seems like we’re suffering a loss……”

“Then have him call us ‘good little sister’, wouldn’t that also be suffering a loss?”

“That seems reasonable……”

Howling Moon’s face twitched a few times. Just what had this Asura done to his three big sisters that were no different from children?

Could it be that he did something awful? Howling Moon’s eyes filled with a strange and vigilant look as he looked at Asura.

Nameless Weeping Blood’s face also changed several times before calming his face to say, “Xiangling, you know this Asura?”

“Of course, he’s saved us many times! He’s so strong!” Nangong Xiang Ling’s face filled with delight as an excited look appeared in her eyes.

Nangong Xiang Xue was also high spirited as she said, “Un, he really is strong. He’s much stronger than our little brother, we worship him to death!”

Howling Moon looked away and acted like he didn’t hear anything. After being defeated by a single move from Asura, that was the biggest frustration and shame in his life, as well as the reason and drive for him to become stronger.

His goal was getting closer and closer. A very difficult Hidden Job quest, with his strong will and power, he was close to succeeding.

“Just a bit bad!” Thinking of how he had almost left them and forced them to call him “good big brother”, Nangong Xiang Ning’s voice had a bit of indignation. Her face also couldn’t help becoming a bit red.

Nameless Weeping Blood suddenly became restless. These three were his unannounced fiancees, but they had never revealed this kind of excited look in front of him.

Awe Inspiring Maple Leaf in the crowd shook his head before winking at Maple Leaf Roaring Waves, “Let’s go.”

“Go? Why? Big brother Asura is here!” Maple Leaf Roaring Waves had a look filled with confusion.

“I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not, but Asura has offended too many people. If my guesses are correct, there are many guilds that have starte

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