Chapter 206: Shocking appearance! City Construction Token! (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 206: Shocking appearance! City Construction Token! (Part 2)

The Destruction Tuna wisely gave up the water arrow attacks and wildly stabbed with its thorn, going all out against the figure that was dashing around it.

With a Dragon Flame Slash, the Destruction Tuna that had lost its powerful regeneration had its HP drop.


Even when facing a Gold Boss that had a higher level than him, after all these attacks, the Xuanyuan Sword’s destruction effect had activated. It broke the thorn on the Destruction Tuna’s head!

In front of ten thousand people, Asura started oppressing the Destruction Tuna that no one could face before alone! He was incomparably dominant!

At the same time, people started to move.

“Inform them of my goal and have them move a hundred meters away! We can’t conflict with these guilds right now!” Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud calmly said.

Heavenly Demon Shadow received this order and quickly sent the plan to the major guilds in Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud’s name. If they didn’t want to participate in surrounding Asura, they should immediately move a hundred meters away.

Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud was currently facing a level 40 Gold Boss, the Wild Man Eating Flower. And he was choosing to face it alone.

He turned into a ghost and moved around the Wild Man Eating Flower at an unbelievably speed. With the final strike, he jumped up to a shocking height.

Ten meters!

Seeing the equipment the Wild Man Eating Flower dropped on the ground, Heavenly Demon Wind Cloud revealed a cold smile. Speaking of hidden power, he had hidden more than anyone.

Only choosing to act at the most fatal time, that was the most dangerous enemy.

The situation was quietly changing. Feng Xiao noticed this strangeness and not only did the crowd not come forward, most of them had taken a step back!

“Big brother Chong Yun, why are we getting further away?” Nangong Xiang Xue asked.

“Because it will be dangerous soon.”

“Really? Then we……Then let’s go beside Asura, alright? He’s very powerful, he will definitely be able to protect us.” When it came to danger, the three sisters immediately thought of As

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