Chapter 204: Destruction Tuna
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 204: Destruction Tuna

Ten minutes later, he finally arrived at the Heavenly Lake. The Heavenly Lake wasn’t that big, with only a kilometer between the north and south banks, but the water was calm and there were many fishes swimming around. The air was fresh and the grass was lush, releasing a powerful life force from this verdant green. There were some small and weak monsters that wouldn’t attack others nearby. There was no doubt that this was pure land that was the best environment for one to relax in.

But right now there were many people gathered at the Heavenly Lake, so much so that Feng Xiao knitted his brows.

It was at least eight thousand if not ten thousand added together……It was all for this Gold Boss.


Feng Xiao and Xiao Bai’s figures slowly disappeared as they continued towards their goal.

The large guilds faced each other and no one dared to make a move first. There were some solo players that were on the side waiting to give a try, but after learning from the mistakes of others, not a single one of them dared to go forward.

Floating above these people, Feng Xiao was surprised to find that everyone was at least thirty meters from the bank and no one dared to approach.

There was a single water blue thorn sticking out of the Heavenly Lake and it had a cold glow around it.

Feng Xiao came within ten meters and released his Heavenly Eyes.

Destruction Tuna: Level 52 Gold Boss

HP: 150000

The guard of the emperor of Heavenly Lake, the Immortal Beast Heavenly Water Turtle Emperor who has been dormant at the bottom of the lake. Since the fish in the lake kept decreasing, the Turtle Emperor was angered and it sent this guard to protect the shores of the Heavenly Lake.

Innate Skills:

Lives in water: Can quickly recover HP and MP in water. Resists 60% of all water damage.

Weakness: Its physical and magic attack decreases by 30% on land. Fears earth attributed attacks.


Water Ripples: After activation, increases defense by 15% and reflects 10% damage.

Water Blue Shot: Shots a water arrow at all enemies within thirty meters in a straight line, has a 50% chance of knockback. Can cast instantly in water and requires a 0.9 second charge on land.

Golden Thorn Charge: Uses its own sharp thorn to stab the enemy three times. Has a 10% chance of dealing bleed damage.

Triple Water Blue Explosion: Shoots three water arrows at a single target. Has a cooldown of five seconds.

Ultimate skill:

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