Chapter 203: Beauty, can we be friends?
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 203: Beauty, can we be friends?

Outside Fire God City……

A single Super Divine Beast was shocking, but what about two?

Seeing the Golden Winged Phoenix and the Fantasy Rainbow Butterfly, FEng Xiao only had a single thought.

How could others keep living……

The protagonist should be me, right!

The Fantasy Rainbow Butterfly had the aura of the Emperor Butterfly, so it made the stats of the Flame Mantises drop by 30% and they became trash that couldn’t threaten them at all.

Including the Flame Mantis boss that could only be killed once a day.

The Outer Space Meteor Shower and the Violent Wind God Storm went out, causing this newly spawned mantis to turn into trash. What was even more terrifying was that these two Super Divine Pets could both fly, so the mantises could only be abused and couldn’t do anything.

The Flame Mantises were about to cry……Those two Super Divine Beasts that should only exist in legends had actually come here to bully low level creatures like them……

The reason that Feng Xiao was so far ahead of others was because they used groups to fight large groups of monsters, fighting in a safe manner while he killed monsters one by one with a single blow.

Now it was one group after another……

Seeing his experience soar, he knew what was truly called safe.

“Die’er, so powerful……Wu, there’s another big mantis, quickly blow it away!”

Bao Bao was happily cheering on the side, as if the one showing off wasn’t Die’er, but her. Over the past few days, every day has been like this. This pure voice was like a valley spring, it was very satisfying.

Feng Xiao’s head was on Feng Yao’s smooth thighs. Feeling those delicate hands warmly moving across his body, it was so comfortable that he could scream. Not far away, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Bai, and Xing Xing who were idle were taking a nap on the ground. Especially Xiao Bai, he didn’t have to run around like before and transformed into a small cat to rest, only getting up from time to time to tease Bao Bao’s Dragon Cat.

“It’s no wonder everyone wants a Super Divine Beast. With a Super Divine Pet, life is so easy……Ze, ze!”

The tired Golden Winged Phoenix really wanted to burn him to a crisp with an Outer Space Meteor Shower. He was actually treating us revered Super Divine Beasts as goons……

In a week, he had reached level 44, Feng Yao reached level 39 and became at the same level as the others on the level ranking. As for Bao Bao, with her 30% increased experience gain, although she wasn’t on long each day, her level still matched the word soar!

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