Chapter 202: Giant Golden Dragon
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 202: Giant Golden Dragon

Heavenly Law’s expression changed, “The Sand Treading Bead the past emperor gave me is gone!”

“So what if it’s gone, being able to steal it is his skill. Could it be that you were planning on crossing the desert in the far north in your lifetime?” Heavenly War curled his lips.

Heavenly Law thought about it before enduring it. Since he became the Job Change Instructor, he was destined to die in Heavenly Dragon City.

Then again……Was the Land of the Dead a place that people could go?

There were still some people that had ways of crossing the Death Volcano to reach Fire God City each year, but the Land of the Dead blocked by the great desert, there was no way of contacting them other than faint magic messages sent with powerful Earth Magic. There was no one that had done it in thousands of years!

The western Thunder God City was the same. That was a restricted thunder zone for everyone, unless someone had complete immunity to thunder.

But was that possible?

The only ones that can get complete immunity were some powerful beasts that had reached the Divine Grade or monsters that lived in special conditions. There was no human that had achieved complete immunity, or they would be considered heaven defying.

“Hai! This beauty, I feel that red is more suited for you…..”

“This good little sister, you can be a bit more sexy.”

“......Ze, ze, this butt really curves up, but the chest is a bit flat……”

Feng Xiao whistled out as he harassed maids moving back and forth in the palace. These maids that few could see had their faces turn red as they scurried off.

“Your majesty, the Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy sir Wind Spirit is here for an audience……” The maid Yue’er said in a respectful voice.

“Wind Spirit……That b*stard, beat him up for me……Forget it, let him come in.” Empress Shui Yue suppressed the anger in her heart because she had many things to ask him.

“Hello.” Feng Xiao came out from behind Xiao Yue.

Empress Shui Yue was very bad right now!

“Wind Spirit, do you know about the Vermilion Bird!” Shui Yue’s eyes were like ice as she looked into his eyes.

“I do, the entire continent should know about this.” Feng Xiao curled his lips.

“Is this related to you!” Shui Yue’s beautiful eyes were ice cold.

“Is it related to me?” Feng Xiao was surprised before revealing an exaggerated expression, “Great Empress Shui Yue, it can’t be that you think that I cut down the Vermilion Bird, right?”

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