Chapter 15: Yang Xi Ruo
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 15: Yang Xi Ruo

How high one’s stats did not guarantee one’s success or failure. Momentum, awareness, and strategy were all essential conditions for defeating one’s enemies. Of course this only applied in situations where one’s stats did not differ by too much, otherwise, in the face of absolute power, all countermeasures would be considered jokes.

The delicate girl’s eyes tightly followed Feng Xiao’s moving figure. From the moment he appeared to save her, she had been staring at him in a daze like this the whole time.

That heroic figure and that perfect face made him look like a beloved son of heaven. There was an evil glint in his eyes, like he looked down on the entire world. Arrogant, calm, cold, and looking down on the world, all these temperaments could unexpectedly appear at the same time on a single person, but they harmoniously balanced one another.

The perfect appearance and disposition, with a fair and brave heart. The girl silently thought that this was a fatal attraction for girls.


Fifth Demon Wolf was completely out of breath. The enemy continued to accurately predict his attacks and continued to evade his attacks again and again. He had attacked seven times and only managed to land one with great difficulty. Moreover, it was in a situation where the enemy was trying to evade an Elemental Ball. And each one of the enemy’s attack was always accurate and landed without fail, it was impossible for him to dodge.

Feng Xiao immediately drank a small red potion and seized the opportunity to release another “Returning Slash” right as it came off cooldown.

-22, -23, -35, -72

It perfectly caught both of the wolves with just one attack. The two of them could no longer look down on the enemy and quickly drank a small red recovery potion.

The moment they were drinking their potions, Feng Xiao ran past Fifth Demon Wolf and attacked Sixth Demon Wolf with a Shattering Slash. Mages had strong attack and range, plus with the forced accuracy, he was much more of a threat compared to Fifth Demon Wolf. The one good thing was that mages had a low HP.


Sixth Demon Wolf was shocked and quickly withdraw while he shot out an Elemental Ball at the same time. Feng Xiao quickly dodged to the side and released another Shattering Slash. At this moment, Fifth Demon Wolf finally reacted and quickly rushed over. Feng Xiao gave a dark smile and ignored Fifth Demon Wolf, he continued to chase and attack the flustered Sixth Demon Wolf who was running away.

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