Chapter 16: Snow Spirit Cloak
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 16: Snow Spirit Cloak

“Hello, uncle blacksmith, here are the ores you wanted.” Returning to the Beginner Village weapon shop, Feng Xiao politely gave the ores over to Blacksmith Zhang.

“Oh, it’s Wind Spirit. You finished this pretty good, here are your rewards.” Blacksmith Zhang emotionlessly said.

For finishing the mission, Feng Xiao received a blue coloured level 5 equipment and 300 experience points.

“Uncle blacksmith, are you a forging master?” Feng Xiao inexplicably asked.

Hearing the words forging master, blacksmith Zhang’s eyes instantly lit up, but it immediately faded. He said in a light voice, “I am indeed a forging master, so if you have any good materials, then bring them to me. Moreover, it will not cost you a lot.”

“Oh, then uncle blacksmith, can you forge Immortal Level materials?” Feng Xiao probingly asked. He did not have much hope because it was usually impossible for Immortal Level materials to appear. Even High Level materials are rarely seen, so he didn’t expect a forging master of the Beginner Village to be all that strong.

“What? Immortal Level material?! Do you actually have some Immortal Level materials?” Blacksmith Zhang suddenly jumped up and his hands stretched out as fast as lightning as the tightly grabbed Feng Xiao’s shoulders as if he was afraid that he would run away. It was almost exactly the same reaction the village chief had when he mentioned the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace. Feng Xiao rolled his eyes. They truly were a village, their actions were almost the same.

Without waiting for Feng Xiao’s reply, blacksmith Zhang took back his hands. Then he said in a self ridiculing voice, “I lost myself thinking about high level materials. There is no way that Immortal Level materials would appear in the Beginner Village.”

“Who says that there aren’t any in the Beginner Village? This young master has one.” Feng Xiao muttered. Then slowly and flamboyantly, he took out the Golden Snow Wolf Skin. Instantly, the white and gold coloured glow filled the entire shop with life.

Under the glow of the ligh

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