Chapter 14: With 30% my stats, I can still kill you guys
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 14: With 30% my stats, I can still kill you guys

There were flies everywhere in the world. Even in the «Rebirth» world, this was an existence that one was unable to exterminate. But similarly there were also countless heroes saving beauties tropes in this world. Feng Xiao stopped preparing to leave, “It seems like I’m going to do something cliche today.”

Two people had already surrounded the young girl, wearing a villainous evil smile on their faces. The young girl nibbled on her lower lip and spoke to the two of them in a helpless and angry voice.

“Yo, isn’t this the Xi Men young miss? She really is becoming more and more beautiful…..”

The two of them did not dare touch the girl in front of them. In order to protect girls, the system would send down lightning at any players that tried to harass female players. The consequences were terrifying and losing a level or losing a piece of equipment was considered light. They did not dare to attempt it, so they only surrounded this beautiful girl. They made it impossible for her to escape and assaulted her with obscene language.

The girl was so worried that tears were about to fall. She never thought that she would meet the most hateful people from reality in the game and would be surrounded like this by them. She could not attack them, otherwise the system would deem it as a PK attempt and give the opponents a chance to counterattack. She could only anxiously hope that her big brother would come soon.

Feng Xiao was enraged, he was thoroughly enrages. He could not understand how people could act this way towards such a pure and ethereal girl.

Calling out the Xuanyuan Sword, Feng Xiao had no hesitation as he released the “Returning Slash” at one of them. Other than his little sister, this was the first time he wanted to kill someone for a girl.

Feng Xiao did not know why, but he had always been uncaring to the world. Other than his family, he had been indifferent to everything. But this time, because of this pitiful girl, he could not control himself.

Fifth Demon Wolf: Physical Apprentice

Level: 8

HP: 280

Attack: 108

Weapon: Fine Iron Long Blade - Attack +15 and Strength +2.

Sixth Demon Wolf: Magical Apprentice

Level: 8

HP: 160

Magic Attack: 124

Weapon: Blue Wooden Stick - Magic Attack + 20, Intelligence +2, and Vitality +1.

The two of them were both full attack characters that added all their stats to strength and intelligence respectively.

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