Chapter 13: A soft and weak girl
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 13: A soft and weak girl

Feng Xiao was about to say goodbye to the village chief and go off to complete blacksmith Wang’s quest, but he suddenly remembered the equipment in his inventory and asked the village chief, “Grandpa Village Chief, are there appraisers in the Beginner Village?”

The village chief said, “I am the appraiser of the Beginner Village. Wind Spirit, do you have equipments you need appraised? Don’t blame me for being surprised, there are rarely any White Silver Equipment that show up in the Beginner Village. I have never seen one before and in the entire Chinese Server, there have only been less than 50 that have been appraised.”

“The entire Chinese Server has less than 50 pieces? Then wouldn’t I be considered 5% of that? Eh…..I also have Yellow Gold Equipment.” The village chief’s words could be trusted, so Feng Xiao’s heart filled with pride. He slowly pulled out the 6 pieces of equipment and placed them into the village chief’s hands. Then he looked forward to the village chief’s reaction.

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Naturally, every time Feng Xiao took out a piece of Yellow Gold Equipment, the village chief’s mouth grew larger. Once all 6 pieces had been taken out, the village chief’s mouth formed a giant “o” shape which Feng Xiao believed could fit an entire elephant.

“You…..You…..You actually killed a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss?” The village chief asked in a stuttering voice.


“Grandpa Village Chief, how did you know?” The village chief was shocked, but Feng Xiao was even more shocked. The village chief unexpectedly knew the fact that he felt everyone would doubt. Feng Xiao was now suspecting whether the village chief could read people’s memories or if he had the ability to know everything that happened in the Beginner Village.

“Really…..Wind Spirit, although you are the first person to become level 10 in the entire Chinese Server, your strength still exceeded my expectations. I am now looking forward to see how you develop in the future.” The village chief quickly returned to normal, after all, he is someone that has been through everything.

“But Grandpa Village Chief, how did you know?” Feng Xiao asked with a surprised face.

“Wind Spirit, do you know why the entire Golden Wolf Set was dropped at the same time?” The village chief gave a meaningful glance at Feng Xiao as he spoke.

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