Chapter 12: Xuanyuan three forms
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 12: Xuanyuan three forms

Dominating the World: The Xuanyuan three forms. The Xuanyuan Sword explodes with dominating might and ignores all things in the world, to launch a world defying exterminating attack at the enemy.

Effects: Single target attack and ignores all defence, dealing 5000% damage. Causes all enemies within a ten meter range to fall into a 1 second fear that stops them from moving and makes it so they cannot attack. It can only be used once a day. Because of the user’s insufficient abilities, the user will fall into a weakened state for three hours and all their stats will fall by 70%.

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Feng Xiao was completely shocked…….

It was not because of his level rising so quickly and was because of this shocking “Dominating the World” skill. Not only could it ignore all defense, it also dealt 5000% damage. This was 50 times his normal damage!

Although he already understood that the Xuanyuan Sword was very powerful, Feng Xiao never imagined that it would be this strong. It allowed him to kill a level 30 Yellow Gold Boss at just level 6 and the most important thing was that it was an instant kill!

Moreover, this was just a Xuanyuan Sword with one seal unlocked…...

Crazy! This was the only thing deserving of being called heaven defying!

“Feng…...Big Brother Feng, you actually unlocked the Xuanyuan Forms! This…..This is too…...Too unbelievable.” Xuanyuan Wan’er’s shocked voice came from his sea of consciousness.

“Wan’er, you’re awake. This move is called a form? Hu, is it hard to unlock?” Feng Xiao panted as he asked. This Dominating the World Skill decreased all his stats and made him exhausted, but he was not dissatisfied with it at all. If this kind of perverted skill did not have a strict limitation, then the other players would not want to live anymore.

Xuanyuan Wan’er replied, “There are a total of 12 owners of the Xuanyuan Sword. Big Brother Feng, can you guess how long it took for the quickest person to unlock the Dominating the World skill?”

Feng Xiao thought about it and said, “Since I only used a single day to unlock it and all the previous masters of the Xuanyuan Sword are not simple people, so it should not be that different from me.”

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