Chapter 11: The second evolution of the wolf king
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 11: The second evolution of the wolf king

Feng Xiao immediately changed directions and began to run around the edg of the cave. After the cooldown was over, Feng Xiao immediately released another “Returning Slash”.

-66, miss.

The disparity in levels made it inevitable that a miss would appear. Feng Xiao did not find it strange and just continued to run around the edge of the cave. The wolf king who was being attacked could only give an angry howl. It was helpless as it chased after Feng Xiao, wishing to rip him apart with his claws.

One man and one wolf continued to run like this. As long as the cooldown was down, Feng Xiao would immediately launch another Returning Slash, followed by a howl coming from the White Wolf King. The results of the chase was, one side continued to become happier as the chase continued and the other side slowly filled with anger.

As Feng Xiao predicted, the White Wolf King only had the intelligence of a beast. When it was being led around by the nose like this, it would not stop chasing after Feng Xiao. It wouldn’t learn to cut straight across or learn to use tactics, it would only go all out chasing after Feng Xiao and eating his dust.

1 minute…...

5 minutes…...

10 minutes…...


20 minutes…...

Feng Xiao somewhat admired this White Wolf King that had chased after him for this long. Not only was is persistent and faithful, it was also stupid with no regrets. Feng Xiao had thought that once the other side realized it was being played, it would change its methods, but this White Wolf King continued to persistently chase after him, eating his dust.

“This really is a talented person! No, a talented wolf~”

Feng Xiao continued to running while he drank his last small blue potion and his MP recovered to 110. After all, there was difference in level between him and the White Wolf King, so even with the added accuracy from the Xuanyuan Sword, his attacks still missed one third of the time. Feng Xiao also silently calculated the HP that the White Wolf King still had and currently, that idiot White Wolf King still had around 200 HP.

There was an error that appeared in his earlier calculation! The difference in levels was too high, so his accuracy and critical rate were very low. Feng Xiao broke out in a cold sweat. If he missed two more times, then he would be in danger.

“Returning Slash!” He threw out the Xuanyuan Sword again and he turned around to closely watch the damage figures appear.

-67, -128.

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