Chapter 10: The wolf king’s evolution
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 10: The wolf king’s evolution

The Bloodthirsty White Wolf King gave a loud roar and lunged at Feng Xiao. Feng Xiao raised his sword to welcome it as the wolf and human pair exchanged blows.

-62, -169.

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A 62 damage figure appeared above Feng Xiao’s head, it truly was worthy of being a High Level Boss, it wouldn’t be as fun if it wasn’t strong. So he focused his mind and seriously faced the White Wolf King.

Perhaps it was because it had been sleeping in this cave for too long and its large body, but the White Wolf King was not very flexible, its speed was even lower than a normal white wolf. Feng Xiao could easily predict its attack before it could even attack and then he would calmly dodge out of the way, attacking it while he was dodging.

-163, -167, -330, -163, -166.

They had five pass bys and the White Wolf King was hit by Feng Xiao five times. Its HP continued to drop until it only had 342 HP left. Other than the first time where Feng Xiao was testing the White Wolf King’s attack power, he did not get hit again.

“Only so-so!” Feng Xiao contemptuously raised his middle finger at the White Wolf King!

As if the Bloodthirsty White Wolf King understood what this gesture meant, it gave a loud roar and jumped forward. It raised its sharp claws to use its only attack skill, Tearing Claw Attack.

Feng Xiao had already calculated its attack range and he quickly jumped back two steps, perfectly evading the Wolf King’s attack. Then he raised the Xuanyuan Sword with his right hand and the shadow of a sword arc appeared - Shattering Slash! With the four meter range, Feng Xiao did not have to rush forward to use the skill. It fell onto the White Wolf King that was standing in the empty area where he was previously and a 249 damage figure appeared above its head.

With only 93 HP, the Bloodthirsty White Wolf King’s eyes turned red and viciously stared at the trespasser that had entered his territory. This human had insulted his pride and even wanted to kill him. He gave an long unwilling howl that was filled with mourning.

“Could it be calling its companion? Qie, there’s no one here to help you, just obediently fall down.” The Xuanyuan Sword in Feng Xiao’s hand chopped at the White Wolf King as he tried to finish it off.

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