Chapter 100: Xiao Bai (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 100: Xiao Bai (Part 1)


Feng Yao’s pink lips slightly parted because Feng Xiao had actually hit Li San Si’s head.

Even if he was an idiot… wasn’t good to hit him like this.

Li San Si held his painful head, but he didn’t dare be angry because the other side was a “senior”.

“You idiot! What rude and shameless, what bullshit! Other than being useful in tying up your hands and legs, that thing has no other uses! You just have to strive for what you wish for when doing things and grab what you have, chasing what you want to do. As long as you have a clear conscience, why do you need to care about old fashioned concepts!”

“You should be happy that you have a good fiancee, willingly following you for five years, it can be seen that she loves you. If it was anyone else, they might have run away after three years!”

“Really?” This was Li San Si’s first time hearing these words, so his heart was a bit moved.

“If you really want to be a hero, you shouldn’t let customs bind your hands otherwise you will become a stereotypical old fashioned blind fool. Moreover, if you don’t reveal your heart to your Feng’er, sooner of later she will leave you because of how stubborn you are!” Feng Xiao with a look of regret.

The renowned “Southern Bandit Hero” of Legend of the Sword and Fairy was actually this stubborn when he was young.

Hearing Feng Xiao’s “honest teachings”, Li San Si’s eyes were filled with confusion because he found that his heart was resonating with that this “senior” said.

Although Li San Si had become rather old fashioned under Jing Ting’s teachings, he was still hot blooded deep down.

“.....Am I really that bad…...Feng’er…...Senior, what should I do?”

Feng Xiao’s eyes glazed over as he thought of someone.

“My father called himself Feng Xiao Yao. He said that in life, one had to be as unfettered as the wind, doing what one wants to do. As long as it didn’t hurt the world, what did the opinions of others matter. That way, one doesn’t live their life in vain.”

Feng Yao’s trembled as her gaze also became more distant.

“Unfettered as the wind…...Unfettered as the wind…..” Li San Si was also in a daze.

Isn’t this what he chased after in his dreams?

The reason why he didn’t learn any powerful techniques and rather learned these useless stealth skills was just for his own intentions. He wanted to become a heroic thief that robbed the rich to help the poor that could freely travel across the continent unfettered.

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