Chapter 101: Xiao Bai (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 101: Xiao Bai (Part 2)

The sound of grass rustling approached and the “wu, wu” sounds reached his ears.

Feng Xiao felt that this sound was less that three meters away, but after looking around, he couldn’t find a trace of anything.

Could it be a ghost?

Feng Xiao looked down and then was suddenly stunned.

A little cat, it was a little white cat.


Feng Xiao bent over and found that it was a little white tiger, only this little white tiger was too small, so small that he almost missed its existence. Feng Xiao was certain that there wouldn’t be such a small tiger in real life.

The little white tiger was only ten centimeters long, with snow white fur and a purple stripe running through it, looking like a little tiger that had just been born. It opened its bright little eyes to look right at Feng Xiao, as it let out soft “wu, wu” sounds.

Yi? Such a strange little white tiger.

There were actually two white wings on its back! Moreover they looked like little cartoon angel wings. It was a bit small and was close to colour to its fur, so people easily missed it. The even stranger thing was that Feng Xiao could see flashes of purple light that appeared in its dark eyes.

There really were all kinds of strange beings in the Terror Forest.

????: Unknown level, unknown grade

Unknown HP, unknown skills.

The information received from the heavenly eyes surprised Feng Xiao.

The heavenly eye couldn’t receive information from monsters that were thirty levels higher than him, but it would still show its name. Unless its soul power was stronger than his or… had no name.

As for the unknown grade and level, not the ????, Feng Xiao had only ever seen this on unappraised equipment or the sealed Xuanyuan Sword.

“Strange little tiger, it definitely isn’t as simple as it looks.” Although Feng Xiao admitted that it looked quite good, his mind was secretly on alert.

The little tiger just stared into his eyes for a while, not showing any signs of attacking. Of course Feng Xiao wouldn’t follow the “Jianghu customs” and attack this innocent looking little tiger.

In the end, Feng Xiao ran out of patience and put away the Xuanyuan Sword, as he continued looking around.

“Really, I was scared of a little tiger.” Feng Xiao was a bit ashamed.

“Wu, wu……”

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