Chapter 102: Xiao Bai’s shocking evolution (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 102: Xiao Bai’s shocking evolution (Part 1)

There was a warm atmosphere at dinner as the three of them mentioned the interesting things that happened to them today. Naturally Feng Xiao didn’t forget to mention what happened with Xiao Bai.

After eating dinner, Yang Xi Ruo went to rest to slowly recover her body, while Feng Xiao also went to sleep. Feng Yao’s slender brows knit for a bit as she fell into thought before she entered the game.

It was midnight when Feng Xiao woke up and turned on his gaming chamber, preparing to enter «Rebirth».

When Feng Xiao used his super attack power to skip levels in fighting mobs, he used two days of grinding eight hours without stopping to go from level 28 to level 29. But now when he opened the level ranking, he found that Hen Tian was already level 29 and everyone else had increased by a level.

“These fellows really are maniacs, they must be leveling twenty four hours without stopping.”

But Feng Xiao was not worried about being caught up to by Hen Tian. It took double the experience of going from level 28 to level 29 to go from level 29 to level 30, so without four or five days of hard leveling, it was impossible to catch up to him at level 31.

A level 35 Green One Eyed Beast noticed him and went wild, charging at him. Feng Xiao casually dodged him and killed it with a single Dragon Flame Slash.

Sure enough, he didn’t kill monsters like before.

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 1. HP +10, MP +5, Physical Attack + 5, Magic Attack +5, and Defense +5.”

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 2……”


“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 5……”

Feng Xiao was surprised because he hadn’t called out Xiao Bai, but it could obtain experience just like Xiao Xiao.

Feng Xiao began walking towards the Stalactite Cave. He wasn’t as cautious as before when he was protecting Feng Yao since these fierce monsters weren’t that much of a threat to him, so he took care of the monsters while moving forward.

Four hours again…...

“Xiao Tian, Xiao Bing, let’s form a team.”

Xiao Tian’s eyes lit up and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. He quickly pulled Feng Yao into his and Chen Bing’s party, afraid that she would regret it.

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