Chapter 99: Pedantic youth
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 99: Pedantic youth

Feng Xiao forcefully patted his shoulder and called back his spirit as he said, “She is my treasured little sister, aren’t you afraid that ‘Feng’er’ will be angry if you keep staring at her?”

The blue clothed man’s face changed, like he had thought of something terrifying. He quickly turned his head, not daring to look at Feng Yao again.

Feng Xiao was secretly grinned. This person, he fears his wife and he truly fears her.

“This brother, what do I call you?” Feng Xiao cupped his hands like someone from the past. Because the Heavenly Dragon Dynasty was like the Qing Dynasty, the NPCs all knew this greeting.

The blue clothed man quickly returned the greeting, “This one is Li San Si.”

“Brother Li!”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

“What!? You are called Li San Si?” Feng Xiao’s expression froze.

Same name! It had to be the same name!

Li San Si was stunned as he asked in surprise, “This one is Li San Si. Could it be that this brother has heard this one’s name before?”

“Ke, ke, I have, I have. Is Master Jing Tian still good?” Feng Xiao asked with a seemingly casual face.

When the word Jing Tian appeared, Li San Si revealed a look of admiration, “Many thanks for your thoughts, recently master has…...Yi? Why do you know this one’s master’s name?”

Feng Xiao was covered in cold sweat. What kind of damn video game design was this, even the Legend of Sword and Fairy was dragged in.

[TL Note: The Legend of Sword and Fairy is a popular chinese RPG that’s spawned a series of dramas, also known as Chinese Paladin.]

Li San Xi was Li Xiao Yao’s dad.

Looking at him more carefully, he seemed more like Li San Si. Li San Si in the game was a righteous person with good morals that was loyal and loving to his friends. Only his manners weren’t good, so he even seemed a bit childish. He was rather pure when he was young and was simply an idiot when it came to love.

“When this one met Master Jing Tian in the past for a chat, the master mentioned you a few times.” Feng Xiao explained without a single change in his expression.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Feng Yao turned as she held back her smile.

Big brother is trying to cheat someone again.

“So you’re a friend of my master, I really was disrespectful.” Li San Si quickly bowed, as his gaze at Feng Xiao changed, actually filling with respect. At the same time, he was happy that he could save a “friend of his master”.

He really was easy to trick. No matter which game this Li San Si was in, he was still like this.

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