Chapter 98: Absolute shadow
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 98: Absolute shadow

Seeing the sleeping little Immortal Beast on the ground, there was a clear look of anger in the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast’s eyes. Without another sound, its horn lit up and another bolt of lighting attacked Feng Xiao. Its cast speed was incomparably fast.


Feng Xiao hit ruthlessly and there was a shocking giant number above his head. Although it didn’t deal any damage to him, the powerful lightning still sent him over five meters away.

Feng Xiao quickly stood up and focused his mind. The Immortal Beast in front of him now actually dealt thunder damage that was close to seventy thousand! That meant its physical attack definitely wasn’t below fifty thousand.

Once it released its Forbidden Thunder Spell, not mentioning a hundred, even a thousand level 100 players would still die.

In the settings of «Rebirth», monsters would chant less when it came to casting spells, especially bosses. If this Low Level Forbidden Thunder Spell was cast by a player, it would require at least thirty seconds of chanting.

Although Feng Yao was surprised by the change at her big brother’s side, her hands on the zither didn’t stop playing. If she stopped, it meant that the small Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast would wake up.

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast was surprised that its attack didn’t kill its target. After shaking its head to get rid of the sleepy feeling, it suddenly looked in the direction of the zither music.

The higher the grade of a monster, the larger the aggro range.

Feng Xiao knew this was bad, so he quickly moved to block the other side’s field of view, but his figure wasn’t anything in the eyes of the large Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast. A bolt of thunder already shot out, aimed at Feng Yao playing the zither thirty meters away.

The range of its “Heavenly Thunder Flash” was fifty meters.


“Infinite Space Gate!”

The instant the thunder was about to hit Feng Yao, Feng Xiao appeared in front of her. The powerful lightning strike sent him flying, hitting the panicked Feng Yao and knocking her off her Thousand Mile Horse. The two fell to the ground while hugging each other.

The zither music stopped and the small Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast woke up after three seconds.

The Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast had lived for thousands of years, so it definitely wasn’t stupid. It realized that its thunder attacks had no effects, so with a roar, it charged at the two of them.

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