Chapter 97: Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 97: Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast

Five minutes later…...

“Yao’er, you have to immediately return to the city if it becomes dangerous, do you understand? There is a real Immortal Beast guarding this place!” Feng Xiao put away Xiao Xiao before saying this in a serious voice.

Feng Yao seriously nodded.

Currently there was a cold stream coming out of the giant cave and there was a faint light green glow around the cave. Without a doubt, this was their destination. To the right of the cave there was another path that kept heading west and to the left, there was a bottomless cliff.

Stalactite Cave: It used to be a normal natural cave. Five thousand years ago, the sacred beast Azure Dragon passed this place while heading to the Thunder God City, so it spent a night in this cave, leaving behind eternal water attributed energy. After being transformed for thousands of years, it gradually became the current Stalactite Cave.

Azure Dragon?

The Azure Dragon of the five sacred beasts, the only sacred beast that had two attributes. Its main attribute was water and its secondary attribute was wind. It’s said that the Azure Dragon could freeze a city with just a single dragon’s breath.

But why was there an Immortal Beast guarding this place, was it a follower of the Azure Dragon?

Feng Xiao had Feng Yao ride her mount, as he released his support skills of water, fire, wind, thunder, and death. His HP reached 10406, while his attack reached a shocking 1759.

Even with over ten thousand HP, Feng Xiao didn’t dare relax and carefully approached the entrance. According to the Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s description, once a foreign life form approached the entrance, the Immortal Beast inside would attack without mercy.

As expected, when Feng Xiao approached, a small black figure suddenly charged out while roaring. Feng Xiao who was already prepared dodged to the side and avoided the other side’s attack.

The figure that charged out slowly appeared and Feng Xiao couldn’t help being stunned.

This was because the Immortal Beast that he expected to be fierce was only a bit larger than Xiao Xiao.

It had a purplish black body and four short limbs. The only eye catching part about it was the purple glowing horn on its forehead.

Could it be it wasn’t this one?

When Feng Xiao was stunned, the purplish black body charged at him again. The normal looking little horn stabbed right into his body.


Feng Xiao was sent flying over ten meters, as this shocking number appeared above his head.

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