Book 06 Chapter 029.2: 8 vs. 4 with the Referee on Our Side, How Could We Lose? Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 029.2: 8 vs. 4 with the Referee on Our Side, How Could We Lose? Part 2

The Holy Grail Carnival took place in an independent space specially created by the Holy Grail, where the beach volleyball battles of these 14 Servants left the beach smoky and pitted with craters.

Furthermore, the Servants had used their best skills since the ball was a Noble Phantasm reinforced by the Holy Grail, able to carry various powers like Jeanne d’Arc’s cursed flames, King Hassan’s instant-death skill, and the buffs for the teams. The most frequently used personal skill was Mana Burst.

[TL Note: Here is more information on King Hassan’s instant-death skill, At the Boundary: Here is more information on Mana Burst; do note there are various subtypes, and you can see more by clicking on the links within this page: I cannot find a cursed flame skill for either Jeanne d’Arc or Jeanne d’Arc Alter, but it could be an application of her Noble Phantasm, La Grondement Du Haine: Roar, Rage of Mine. Here is more information about this Noble Phantasm:]

Thus, this round of beach volleyball turned into a battle of gods, with the most outrageous skill combination being the instant-death effect coordinated by King Hassan and Ryougi Shiki.

During this Holy Grail Carnival, no Servant would die during the match. If one died accidentally, they would be revived outside the field.

This meant that Chen Heng’s team, the black team, could potentially knock down a Servant with a lucky hit. However, reality showed that Chen Heng’s team wasn’t that lucky, only managing to take down Diarmuid.

It proved that E-ranked Luck was indeed E-ranked Luck, something that could never change in a lifetime.

Thus, Chen Heng gradually lost himself to the allure of the female participants, unable to extricate himself. It wasn’t until the proctor announced that there were only 15 minutes left to hand in the papers that Chen Heng realized he hadn’t filled in his answer sheet.

This time, Chen Hen

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