Book 06 Chapter 030: Mister Chen Has a Rudimentary Understanding of a Thing or Two
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 030: Mister Chen Has a Rudimentary Understanding of a Thing or Two

“Master, I’m back!” Chen Heng called out as he entered, carrying groceries.

Having someone waiting at home felt wonderful.

“You’re back? Why are you alone? I thought your senior sister went to fetch you,” Fu Hua inquired from the sofa, where she’d been meditating, when she saw Chen Heng return alone.

“Senior Sister? She went to recapture a target with Rita. That target escaped again. But don’t worry, Master. She’ll be back before dinner without any issues.”

“That’s good, Little Heng. So, what did you buy?”

“Just some ordinary ingredients. I’m planning to cook XXXX tonight,” Chen Heng replied, placing the ingredients in the kitchen.

“Little Heng, you can cook?”

“I can. I once bought a mid-tier cooking skill from the Dimension Administrators Association store to care for Sirin. Don’t underestimate that mid-tier cooking—just mid-tier already places me at the apex of ordinary chefs. Relax, Master; I’ll handle dinner tonight.”

“Alright, then.” Fu Hua trusted the skills sold by the Dimension Administrators Association. Anything could be bought with the right amount of points, and quality was assured.

With a nod, she resumed meditating. What a cultivation maniac!

Upon seeing Fu Hua’s dedication, Chen Heng felt a pang of guilt.

Since becoming a cultivator, he rarely cultivated, focusing instead on refining Will Energy swords.

He had already mastered 89 sword conceptions from the Chen Clan Sword Technique. However, it was just these 89 sword conceptions. He had not even practiced the Void Sword Technique he had received in exchange for the Void Arts.

Sword conceptions were not easy to cultivate. Right now, Chen Heng was busy forming Will Energy swords. However, once he formed Will Energy swords for all 89 sword conceptions, he could switch to studying sword techniques and also cultivate Spiritual Energy to raise his cultivation realm.

Shortly after Chen Heng finished preparing a few dishes, he washed his hands and headed to the door. There, he found Mo Qingtong about to knock and Raven, who was almost always b

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