Book 06 Chapter 023.1: The Holy Grail…Carnival? Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 023.1: The Holy Grail…Carnival? Part 1

The very day Chen Heng traveled to another world, a colossal change engulfed Earth. If he weren’t part of the Dimension Administrators Association, he might have believed he had crossed over to a parallel world, as the changes were too great.

“Even if there was a world merger, the changes shouldn’t be that great, right?”

It’s quite normal. After all, this is a world merger combined with a change in world consciousness. It’s a normal phenomenon. Absolutely normal.

“Is it really normal?”

Of course, it’s normal, only the process was a bit too fast. Normally, the change from an old world consciousness to a new one can change the world’s style—or rather, its artistic direction. However, cases like your world—where your ancestor killed the world consciousness and then recreated it—are rare.

“So, are you saying it’s all my ancestor’s fault?”

No, no, no! Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not badmouthing your ancestor. Really, not at all. You have to trust me. I’m just saying it’s a rare example; there’s no mockery in it.

“Your words sound very submissive.”

A life is at stake, so I have to be clear. What if you casually mention this to your ancestor one day, and your ancestor comes to settle scores with me?

“Alright, alright. Let’s not go off-topic now. Can you contact that world consciousness?”

What do you want to do?

“I just have a few questions to ask it.”

Then you can forget it. The world consciousness contacted me upon awakening and said it doesn’t want to talk to you. Whether it’s important or not, don’t bother it.

“…How can it be like that? I watched it grow up, after all!”

Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say that? Watched it grow up?

“Is that wrong? Even if there was a little misunderstanding, it’s still a world consciousness, so there shouldn’t be any feelings of shame, right?”

What do you take world consciousnesses for? The new generation of world consciousnesses has started to anthropomorphize. Do you kno

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