Book 06 Chapter 022.2: Fu Hua’s First Lesson and Spiritual Energy Resurgence? Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 022.2: Fu Hua’s First Lesson and Spiritual Energy Resurgence? Part 2

At 1,000 points for 50 grams, the tea cost more than all the points Fu Hua had.

Since she had been handling some matters and had yet to accept missions, she had not earned many points. Right after she handled her matters, the worlds suddenly merged, catching her off-guard.

Speaking of which, because of signing a contract with Chen Heng for the Poké Ball containing the Will of Honkai, she owed Chen Heng 1,000 points. Furthermore, it was 1,000 every month.

“That’s right.”

“…You didn’t have to give me such expensive tea. Just ordinary tea would have done.”

“That won’t do. This is a ceremony to accept a master. How can we not use good tea?” Chen Heng couldn’t very well tell the truth: the tea was leftover from what he had served his ancestor.

“Fine, just this once. Don’t be so wasteful in the future.” Fu Hua accepted Chen Heng’s gesture of piety.


The thought reminded Fu Hua of her disciples, especially the seven rebellious ones, giving her a headache.

In her original world story trajectory, Cheng Lixue, the only one who treated Fu Hua well, had died protecting her. However, due to Fu Hua’s induction into the Dimension Administrators Association, her fate had become unpredictable, and Cheng Lixue’s life was spared, leaving her with one filial disciple.

Now, Chen Heng was Fu Hua’s second surviving disciple. The first was Cheng Lixue, which meant Chen Heng had to address Cheng Lixue as Senior Sister. However, while he was in the Honkai Impact 3rd’s world, he had once given his senior sister pointers…so the relationship was quite tangled.

“Alright, Master, I’m going to prepare for the college entrance exams.”

“Go ahead.”

“Wait, Master, do you have a job now? Or are you still in school?” Chen Heng asked, realizing something important just as he was about to receive the information for reconciling the difference after the worlds’ merger.

“…I’m a student at St. Freya High School,” Fu Hua answered calmly, though Chen Heng noticed a brief pause.

A 50,000-year-old high school student? Also, St. Freya Academ

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