Book 06 Chapter 002.2: Noble Phantasm: Ancestor, Save Me! Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 002.2: Noble Phantasm: Ancestor, Save Me! Part 2

“Hello, Yakumo Yukari. You are as beautiful as the images in the cultural section showed.”

Yakumo Yukari looked similar to a human, barely differing. Holding a purple umbrella, she wore purple robes marked with eight trigram symbols, her long golden hair framing alluring purple eyes.

Even without moving, Yakumo Yukari radiated immense charm and an air of languid grace. If she had lived in ancient times, she would have been the kind of beauty who could bring ruin to kingdoms.

“Thank you for your compliment, Little Brother Chen Heng. You’re quite handsome yourself,” she replied.

“No arguments there. Are we starting the summoning of Merlin now?”

“Hold on a moment. I’ll send a message in the group chat.”

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Merlin, have you earned enough points for the fate-severing talisman yet?

Magus of Flowers: Thanks to you, old lady, I’m just 1,000 points shy. Tomorrow, you won’t have a chance to summon me anymore. I can finally slack off. By the way, I haven’t logged into the Magi Mari account in a few days. Doctor Roman, do you miss me?

Solomon: …

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: And what if I tell you I’ve found a suitable Singularity in the Doctor’s world?

Magus of Flowers: Huh?

Efreet: I want to watch the livestream. I want to watch it.

Lord of the White Night: Let’s go! Let’s start the livestream. Start it!

Queen of Ice and Snow: To think you’d have this day, Merlin.

Magus of Flowers: That scared me. Yakumo Yukari, are you trying to mess with me? I just checked with Clairvoyance, and I didn’t find you in any Singularity.

Iron Fist Teacher: Hah…looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Umaru-chan: Let’s wait. Just for a bit more.

Magus of Flowers: Waiting is impossible. I just completed a mission. I’ll take another one soon, and I can earn enough points. You won’t have a shot at me.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Just you wait! I’m searching for a suitable world. You’re done for, Merlin.

Magus of Flowers: Idle threats.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: …

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