Book 06 Chapter 003.1: Magi “Mari”-chan, Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 003.1: Magi “Mari”-chan, Part 1

Personal Skills:

Chen Clan Sword Technique: EX (When cultivated to the peak, just one sword strike can destroy the world.) (It contains countless sword techniques and cannot be evaluated using the measure of ordinary sword techniques.)

Dragonslayer: A (Given by Alaya, brought forth from previously.)

Absolute Precognition: A++ (An ability that surpasses mortals. An ability to truly see the future. After two ability strengthenings, it has already reached the point of showing the past or future of any person the user meets, with certain limits, even if the user only sees a photograph of the target.)

Attraction Control: EX (Able to pull down the moon.)

Electromagnetic Control: EX (Can turn into lightning. Powerful enough to reduce a city to rubble with one strike.)

Gravity Control: EX (Starting from 100x gravity, it can directly crush a person into blood foam. It can even create a simulated black hole to swallow a city or continent.)

Spatial Control: EX

Independent Action: EX (No Master can affect the user. The user can exist independently in the world as a Heroic Spirit.)

Cooking: B+ (Already reached the pinnacle of human cooking.)

Firearm Proficiency: B+ (One shot, one kill within 400 kilometers.)

Myriad Techniques: A

Chiliad Sword Conception: D (Incomplete) (Contains supreme sword conceptions from the sword dao of many worlds, a supreme realm of the sword dao.)

Chiliad Sword Formation: D (Incomplete) (A sword formation formed by Will Energy swords containing high-grade sword conceptions. Just the cultivation method of the Will Energy sword is a priceless treasure.)

Noble Phantasm:

Moonfall: EX (A true falling of the moon. Directly using the attraction ability to use the actual moon as a projectile to smash the enemy on the ground to death. Of course, its execution may face obstruction from the Counter Forces, provided they dare to stop the user.)

Simulated Black Hole: EX (Using the gravity ability to create a black hole that can swallow up a continent.)

Demon-Subduing Lightning Dra

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