Book 04 Chapter 071.1: I’ve Seen It in the Future, Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 071.1: I’ve Seen It in the Future, Part 1

“Hey, Nightingale! Are you done changing yet?” As Nightingale stared at Chen Heng, trying to figure out something from his expression, Skadi’s voice and knocking came from outside.

Chen Heng and Nightingale exchanged looks.

Fearing Skadi would discover Chen Heng in her changing room, Nightingale whispered to him, “Why are you still staring? Quickly, get out. Unless you want to watch me change?”

“I’m not done yet. I remember there’s another changing room on the south side. You can go there!” Nightingale loudly replied to Skadi, who was outside.

Go on and change. I don’t mind. Although Chen Heng wanted to say that, he did not have the courage to. There was a line that could describe the current him: A wicked heart without the courage to act on his thoughts.

Sorry, we might have overestimated him. He might not even have a wicked heart. He only could think it for the sake of it.

“Alright. I’m going out now.” Chen Heng checked with his Absolute Precognition; he would not be discovered if he left now.

When Chen Heng came out, he did not see Skadi. She should have gone to another changing room.

Feeling bored, Chen Heng opened the chat group interface. After all, these were girls. They would take a long time picking and changing clothes.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: Merlin, you are done now. Let this great me tell you, it’s over for you. This great me has finally found the method to summon you. Just you wait. This great me spent 30,000 points and finally bought a suitable tool! Wahahahaha!

Magus of Flowers: She was probably driven mad by anger. We’d better just bury her. Furthermore, she keeps calling herself great me. Is she finally admitting to her age?

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: It’s fine. Just be cocky. You can be cocky for a while more. The cockier you are, the worse the beating you receive will be.

Magus of Flowers: You are just a thousand-year-old, old woman. I thought as a senior of the association, you would be encouraging and dignified. Unexpectedly, you speak so coarsely. I have som

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