Book 04 Chapter 070: The Two in the Swimsuit Store’s Changing Room
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 070: The Two in the Swimsuit Store’s Changing Room

“Of course, we have to. Didn’t you see Nightingale pick a swimsuit? I will be going home after some time. By then, I will have no way to buy clothes for you. As a friend, I have to give my friends some gifts as memories.”

“Is that so? But would someone really give a swimsuit as a present to the opposite gender?”

“Relax. It’s not like it’s some sexualized swimsuit. It’s just a normal swimsuit. You can accept it without any reservations.”

“Alright, then.” Skadi did not refuse. After all, she grew up by the sea. Would a swimsuit embarrass her?

“Ah Heng, come over.” Suddenly, Nightingale shouted from the changing room.

“Coming! Coming! Liz, what’s wrong?”

“Come in for a while.”

“But this is the changing room.”

“Why all that talk? Quickly, come in.”

“Alright.” Was Chen Heng tempted? It would be a lie to say no. The Absolute Precognition? The Absolute Precognition was precisely why he got tempted.

Just as Chen Heng was about to go in, a clerk walked over and stopped him.

“Sir, please wait for a while.”

“Ah! What’s wrong?”

“May I ask if the lady in there is in a romantic relationship with you?” Alright, Chen Heng already knew the clerk would come over. However, he had no way to stop her from speaking first. Now, it was not just the clerk waiting to hear his answer but also Nightingale.

“I am. What’s wrong?” Chen Heng was indeed a scoundrel. He could lie without batting an eyelid. However, he was someone with many two-dimensional waifus, so he could handle something simple like this.

“The miss inside, may I ask if this man is your boyfriend?” the clerk asked Nightingale, who was in the changing room, for confirmation.

“Yes. Let him in.” Although Nightingale was doing her best to act normal, Chen Heng heard a slight tremor in her voice.

Humph! Weak! How could such a minor matter scare you like that?

“Alright, sir. You can go in now. However, let me say this first. Don’t mess around in there.”

“…Do I seem like such a person?”

“As a clerk of this shop, a swimsuit store at that, I have seen plenty of couple

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