Book 04 Chapter 069.2: Shaving a Tigress’s Fur, Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 069.2: Shaving a Tigress’s Fur, Part 2

“…Then come to the Lungmen Guard Department tomorrow. I’ll help you get a business license.”

“Oh! Shithead dragon, are you planning to misuse your authority too?”

“Shut up, char siu cat. No one will think you are mute if you keep quiet. Furthermore, what do you mean by misuse of authority? It is just a simple temporary business license.” Swire made Ch’en slightly furious from embarrassment.

“OK, Elder Cousin. I’ll look for you tomorrow. I have to pack up my stall for today.”

Chen Heng patted the table; then the table and the tools on it instantly vanished.

“Is…this an Originium Art?” Ch’en finally understood how Chen Heng pulled out so many things from under the table.

“It should be considered a talent.”

[TL Note: Besides Originium Arts, operators in Arknights have talents. Talents provide some bonuses for the operators, but some have drawbacks. You can read more about talents here:]


Seven in the morning, the next day:

“Prophet! Prophet! Come out! You can see the future! Open the door!”

Chen Heng was still sleeping when a frantic knocking on his door woke him up.

Ever since Chen Heng joined the Dimension Administrators Association, he had grown increasingly lazy. He used to maintain a habit of waking up at six every morning to train with the sword for one hour. Now, he wasted time on games and comics. Oh, he would also waste time chatting in the chat group.

Chen Heng had played Honkai Impact 3rd late into the night. Then, he had to grind for Arknights’s new event. This resulted in him being listless in the morning.

Could Chen Heng still be saved if he left this group after joining the Re:Life Chat Group?

“I hear you! I hear you! Stop knocking!” From this voice, Chen Heng knew it was Exusiai. The reason was easy to guess; Texas must have told Exusiai about his prophetic ability yesterday.

How irritating! Chen Heng did not find Exusiai irritating. Rather, the act of hammering on a person’s door in the morning was irritating.

Chen Heng got out of bed an

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