Book 04 Chapter 028: Sneaking into Chernobog
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 028: Sneaking into Chernobog

When Shining consoled Chen Heng, he immediately said something pretty savage.

“…He Who Knows Fate, have you not suffered from a societal beating before?” After some silence, Shining felt these words best suited her current mood.

Chen Heng felt shocked upon hearing this. “How did you know? Is it that obvious?”

“…All those who have suffered from a societal beating would not be this mischievous. Does your family know about your mischievous behavior?”

“Ah! This… Sorry, my entire family died four years ago, so they don’t.”

“Sorry, I did not know….” Shining had not expected the youth before her to be an orphan.

His current optimistic character did not seem like someone who bore a deep grudge over having his entire family killed.

“There’s no need to feel guilty over this. I’m already used to it. So, do you want that medicine or not?” Chen Heng took out a bottle with a wooden stopper and shook it in front of Shining.

Chen Heng did not mind. Not that he was callous, but everyone in the Chen Clan had to get used to this.

“I’m now hesitating over letting Nightingale regain her memories; those are not pleasant. However, although she does not say, I can tell she minds not having those memories.” Shining felt very conflicted.

“Ah! That’s right. This secret medicine cannot guarantee memory recovery, just a chance.” The pill in his hand was called the Mind Calling Pill. Cultivation had been around for a long time, and all sorts of situations had cropped up, so he had many strange pills. There were even pills for treating hemorrhoids, what more amnesia?

The Mind Calling Pill could call up the memories hidden deep in the heart. It had been made for cultivators who entered a state of berserking Qi deviation and lost their memories. Such medicinal pills could only be considered auxiliary. If not for Shining mentioning it, Chen Heng would have forgotten about it. He even had to fish it out of the trash pile.

After all, most people would not lose their memories.

Shing! The sound of a sword being drawn came from Shining. Whe

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