Book 04 Chapter 027: Mischievous Heng
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 027: Mischievous Heng

That’s indeed why I plan to add you to the group a few hours before you return. You can even check the chat history and prepare yourself. At least you won’t end up having your corpse split between those two friends of yours as soon as you get back.

“Saying that is too much, right?”

I have taken a look at the Re:Life Chat Group. I’m not sure about Mo Qingtong, but it is very possible for Luo Li. I have to say, you are quite a prize to catch.

“…Are your actions appropriate?”

What is inappropriate about it? Being the customer service is very boring. Having something to do is great. Furthermore, you are someone who got involved with the Re:Life Chat Group, the Dimension Administrators Association, and systems. How interesting!

“Ah! This…as long as you are happy.”

He Who Knows Fate: I’m back.

Efreet: What did Customer Service say?

He Who Knows Fate: Customer Service said that if I joined the Re:Life Chat Group, the flow of time in Terra and my original world would become the same. So, I will spend some time here before joining.

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: As long as you are happy.

He Who Knows Fate: I’ve already learned a bit about Arknights. However, I did not progress much in the main storyline yesterday afternoon. I’ll do my best to finish Episode 7 before tomorrow.

Efreet: It should not be difficult, what with the freebies from purchasing the game with 1 point. At the very least, leveling the characters should not be a problem.

He Who Knows Fate: However, my tactical acumen is Flawed. I can only progress in the main story by looking at the player forums. Of course, that’s not for the entire main story, just some of the more difficult ones.

Faillen Angel Gabriel: All the best!

He Who Knows Fate: Speaking of the storyline, I feel angry. Tomorrow, I have to engage in a Sniper battle with Faust. I don’t believe he can finish off my Defender with one shot. I will fire at him at 50 percent output. If he survives that, I will no longer seek trouble with him.

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