Book 03 Chapter 024: My Nation’s Laws Dictate that When a Girl Is Already Fourteen…
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 024: My Nation’s Laws Dictate that When a Girl Is Already Fourteen…

Chen Heng’s evaluation of Sirin’s swimsuit was entirely different from his evaluations of Raven’s and Jeanne d’Arc’s. He praised her so much that it sounded slightly ridiculous.

Now, Raven felt Sirin posed a much larger threat than Jeanne d’Arc.

Raven worried about Chen Heng violating morality. After all, Sirin was just 14 and seemed to have an abnormally strong fondness for Chen Heng.

Furthermore, the two were legally recognized siblings, even if they did not have a blood relationship.

Raven truly worried about Chen Heng’s future, fearing he would turn into a lolicon that would act on his desires before shouting, “Three years would be a steal, and even the death penalty is worth it,” as he got dragged away. That’s not right. Sirin is already 14. According to my nation’s laws, if the female is already 14 and both parties are willing, it would not be considered a crime, depending on the circumstances, if it did not result in severe consequences…. Damn! Isn’t this more dangerous?

Lolicons are nothing. What is scary are those who dare to act on their desires. The crucial point is that this is viable?

“Alright, alright. Stop it with the praises. Where are we going first?” Duan Lin came over and interrupted Chen Heng.

“What else? Of course, the most exciting slide!”

“Great minds think alike! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

After that, Chen Heng stared in stupefaction at the lovers’ water slide in front. It turned out that the slides in the water park required two people to go together. He had never taken the slides in this water park, so he had not known. No wonder Duan Lin showed such a strange gaze earlier.

Chen Heng looked at the slide in front, then at Duan Lin and Su Ya.

“Damn it. I miscalculated.”

“Ah Heng, we’ve six people here. I will go with Su Ya. How are the four of you going to split up?” Duan Lin looked like he was waiting to see a good show, his anticipation obvious on his face.

“…” Chen Heng now fell into a dilemma.

Chen Heng could not guarantee to resist temptation if he went with Raven. He was a straight male, so he worried he could not endure. After all, Raven had an excellent figure.

Going with Jeanne d’Arc did not seem appropriate. Chen Heng had only known her for six days, and they had been enemies for more than half of that time.

I can only choose Sirin. She is still young, after all. It would not be a problem.

Chen Heng could not say “let’s do something else,” as Sirin gazed at him with intense anticipation.

“I’ll go with Sirin, and Raven goes with Jeanne d’Arc. It’s happily decided, then.”

Chen Heng tried to ignore Duan Lin’s mocking gaze but failed, as it was too offensive. The two roughhoused each other again.

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Two minutes later:

It was almost Chen Heng and Sirin’s turn. However, he could not bear the staff’s extremely strange gaze.

“I say, can you stop looking at me like that? This is my younger sister.” In the end, Chen Heng decided to explain.

“We are not fools. Look at your hai

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