Book 03 Chapter 023: Sirin Is So Cute
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 023: Sirin Is So Cute

“Just joking. She is the granddaughter of my paternal grandmother’s younger half-sister and is slightly older than me. Her father is French, so she is French Chinese.”

“The relationship seems quite messy. However, it sounds like your blood relationship is very attenuated.” Duan Lin became more animated as he chatted.

“It is attenuated. Why?”

“This is interesting now. Does Mo Qingtong know?”

“How would I know if she knows or not? Putting everything aside, if you keep delaying here, Su Ya might come in here for you soon.” Chen Heng kindly reminded Duan Lin it was time to leave.

“…Thanks for the reminder, my brother. I’m going now. As payment, I won’t tell Mo Qingtong about your elder cousin.”

In Duan Lin and Su Ya’s relationship, Duan Lin was the subordinate one.

“Hah! How embarrassing of a man! Getting physical with me instead of finding his girlfriend? Gasp! It’s a little chilly below.” Chen Heng had not donned his trunks yet, as Duan Lin had armlocked him earlier.

When Chen Heng went out, he found Su Ya chatting with Raven, and Duan Lin teasing Sirin.

Very good. Duan Lin has to die. I’ve decided on it. Even Su Ya cannot save him.

As Duan Lin’s back faced Chen Heng, Chen Heng planned to play a trick.

Chen Heng saw that Jeanne d’Arc had noticed him. However, he gestured for her to be silent when she was about to call out to him.

Chen Heng slowly crept up to Duan Lin. Su Ya saw him but said nothing, continuing to chat. After all, men’s friendships stemmed from messing around.

Duan Lin had noticed nothing, continuing to tease Sirin. Sirin saw Chen Heng, but he motioned for her to be quiet.

“Armlock plus seismic toss!” Chen Heng quickly unleashed these two techniques. Then, Duan Lin “died.”

“That hurts! What did you do that for?” Duan Lin complained to Chen Heng while sitting on the ground.

“To think you still have the cheek to ask? Be happy that I didn’t kill you. You even dared to tease my younger sister in front of me? I think you are seeking death.” Chen Heng did not feel guilty at all and even want

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