Book 03 Chapter 025: Yet You Claim You are Not Scum?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 025: Yet You Claim You are Not Scum?

“What are you looking at? Su Ya will not help you. She still has to spend time with me. You had better have a conscience and let the two of us have some alone time.” Duan Lin sharply noticed Chen Heng gazing at his girlfriend and took the initiative to repudiate Chen Heng’s choice.

“Let’s go, my precious younger sister. We’ll go again.” In the end, Chen Heng could only choose himself.

“Alright. Elder Brother, hurry up!” Sirin still preferred having her elder brother accompany her. The others? What were they?

“Hey, the young couple is back!” The staff warmly greeted Chen Heng.

“…” Sirin, why are you blushing? Quickly deny it! Don’t keep silent! Doing this will easily cause misunderstanding. Please don’t be like this. I feel very flustered.


Four o’clock in the afternoon, on the way back home in the car:

Jeanne d’Arc could not sit still, as her excitement had yet to die down. She had stood on the rented kayak in the water park’s pool, becoming the focus of attention. She enjoyed this feeling of being looked at, believing this proved the awesomeness of her swimsuit. However, Chen Heng forcefully pulled her away later.

Chen Heng believed everyone was not looking at Jeanne d’Arc’s swimsuit but at Jeanne d’Arc herself, since no normal person would wear such a swimsuit. He decisively pulled her away to prevent his pet’s beauty from being put on display.

To compensate her, Chen Heng bought her fruit juice and ice cream. Then they went down the lovers’ slide again.

After he dealt with Jeanne d’Arc, Raven came to get in on the action. She said she, an older woman, wanted to experience the feeling of having a boyfriend. What could Chen Heng do? He could only agree. After all, he would not lose anything. What was there to fear?

Chen Heng would never forget the disdainful looks the female staff gave him when he accompanied three different women down the lovers’ slide. However, the male staff showed envious expressions.

Envy, my ass…wait, that’s not right. This is worth envying.

Chen Heng did not want to bring

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