Book 03 Chapter 019: Strange Swimwear
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 019: Strange Swimwear

Why does this swimsuit store have this kind of ridiculous Japanese school swimsuit? This feels like some sort of shameful sex play or uniform fetish.

Anytime Raven saw a swimsuit she thought suitable, she would get the girls to try them on in the changing room to show Chen Heng.

Chen Heng was a straight, hot-blooded young man. How could he resist such temptation?

Furthermore, Raven picked out particularly bold swimsuits for the girls.

Raven stood at the side and observed Chen Heng’s reaction, taking notes. He asked to see what she had written, but she stopped him, saying something about a woman’s secret.

Raven: How can I let the person I’m making records about see them? Hmm… It looks like Little Heng prefers bigger breasts. I will have to prepare more papaya milk for the young miss. After all, the young miss does not hold any advantage at the moment. I wonder if Little Heng has any interest in maids?

Thus, picking out three swimsuits took them half an hour. Chen Heng initially thought spending ten minutes would already be long, not anticipating that picking a swimsuit would be so troublesome. Why three? Raven had picked one for herself too.

In the end, Raven picked a black two-piece swimsuit for Jeanne d’Arc. Perhaps Jeanne d’Arc found it too embarrassing; she also picked out a cover-up for the swimsuit. The strangest thing Chen Heng found was her decision to wear one pink stocking on her right leg. That was right, just one. There was none on her left leg except for a garter. Wasn’t that embarrassing?

This… Chen Heng wanted to crack open Jeanne d’Arc’s small head to see what was inside. What is this strange getup? Furthermore, this is a swimwear store. Why are there stockings here? Is this really a proper swimwear store?

Although it was strange, Jeanne d’Arc looked quite pretty like this, somewhat stimulating him. However, could she really go into the water wearing this?

Anyhow, as Jeanne d’Arc was satisfied, Chen Heng said nothing about it.

As for Sirin, Raven must have considered her younger age, picki

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