Book 03 Chapter 020: What Is a Girlfriend? Is It as Good as Points?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 020: What Is a Girlfriend? Is It as Good as Points?

Who had not seen a pretty girl before? Current makeup techniques could pull a girl from a six to a nine. That was why, even though Jeanne d’Arc and Sirin looked pretty, they did not attract ridiculous levels of attention.

However, it was different for Raven. She wore a traditional maid outfit, not the revealing type typically seen in Japanese comics. Chen Heng felt those maid outfits were not true maid outfits, or rather, they were not proper ones. What Raven wore was the truly authentic and traditional maid outfit, the kind with the skirt extending all the way to the ankles rather than a miniskirt.

Maids were a man’s romance. How could that not attract attention?

As a result, all the people here turned their heads back for a second look.

When Chen Heng previously went out with Mo Qingtong, he had asked Raven why she didn’t change out of her maid outfit. Raven’s reply was that the uniform was the bottom line of a maid; it could never be compromised.

However, wearing a maid outfit to an amusement park had its inconveniences, like when riding certain attractions.

When everyone was riding the Frisbee, Raven watched from below, as her skirt was too bulky. So…

[TL Note: Here is a Wikipedia link on the Frisbee ride:]

After having wild fun for three hours, Chen Heng’s group ate lunch at a KFC in the amusement park.

“How tiring! However, that was very fun. Elder Brother, thank you for bringing me here. Here, Elder Brother, have a drink!” Sirin collected everyone’s cola from the counter. Chen Heng had already paid. He had intended to wait there alone, but Sirin had insisted on helping her elder brother and gone over.

Since Sirin wanted to be filial, Chen Heng had to agree. Wait, filial?

“Wait awhile. The food we ordered will take some time to arrive. Let’s rest for a while first. After we eat, we can finish with a visit to the haunted house, then go to the water park.”

Chen Heng did not mention resting after eating. After all, everyone here was not ordinary. Ah, no, none of them

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