Book 03 Chapter 021: A Bunch of Geniuses
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 021: A Bunch of Geniuses

Erm… Looking at the situation, Young Miss still has a chance. At worst, we can add me, the maid. After all, I am a personal maid.

However, isn’t it ridiculous to get me for free?

Also, this Jeanne d’Arc is definitely a great enemy. She fits every one of Little Heng’s criteria. As for Sirin, Little Heng probably won’t lay his hands on her, right? Probably not…no. Judging from this, Young Miss cannot even compare to Sirin. <Facepalm.jpg>

Jeanne d’Arc and Sirin, who sat across from Raven, appeared confused as they watched Raven look at them while writing something in her notebook.

“Alright, lunch is here. Eat quickly. We will go to the haunted house after we are done. How can we not go to the haunted house when visiting Vast Sea City Amusement Park? After the haunted house, we can go to the water park.”

Vast Sea City Amusement Park’s haunted house was truly excellent, no exaggeration at all.

Few visitors could come out with a calm expression. This was not due to how horrifying the environment in there was or how realistic the ghosts and monsters in there were. Instead, it was because the ghosts in Vast Sea City Amusement Park’s haunted house were all actual ghosts.

Furthermore, this was registered with and approved by the Special Affairs Bureau. Who knew why Vast Sea City’s Special Affairs Bureau approved such a ridiculous request? No matter what, Vast Sea City Amusement Park’s haunted house was very popular.

The extremely chilling atmosphere, the unique sinister air there, and the real ghosts made this place the mecca of haunted house lovers in the nation.

Furthermore, no competitors ever succeeded in beating them.

Any competitors that dared to cause trouble for Vast Sea City Amusement Park’s haunted house died strange deaths, so no one ever thought of snatching business from this haunted house again.

The Special Affairs Bureau did not care, as the ordinary people had made the first move. The retaliation of those from the hidden world still fell within the Special Affairs Bureau’s permissible actions.


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