Book 03 Chapter 018: Childhood Friend Loses to Parachute Romantic Interest?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 018: Childhood Friend Loses to Parachute Romantic Interest?

Chen Heng had been slowly sipping tea earlier. When he heard Jeanne d’Arc’s reply, the tea in his mouth came spurting out. Fortunately, no one sat across from him.

“Owner? Little Heng, come over here. Let’s have a private chat.”

No, no, no! I don’t want a private chat with you. Elder Sister Raven, your expression right now is terrifying. Oh no! Don’t come over!

“Just kidding. I consider Ah Heng the only person in the world who holds any special meaning to me.”

There was nothing wrong with saying that. To those who understood the situation, Chen Heng was Jeanne d’Arc’s only remaining family. To both Jeanne d’Arc and Chen Heng, it referred to Chen Heng being the only person connected to her previous world, the one she transmigrated from. After all, Fafnir was not a human but a dragon.

“Miss Jeanne d’Arc, I’m sorry for your loss.” The perfect maid Raven chose this suitable moment to offer her condolences.

“Huh? Oh, it’s fine.” Jeanne d’Arc felt a little stunned at Raven’s words. She only just remembered her current legal identity, where her parents had died and her maternal grandmother passed away a few days ago, a tragic story. Chen Heng had told Jeanne d’Arc this before coming here.

“Elder Sister Raven, how did you know Jeanne d’Arc’s maternal grandmother passed away recently?” Chen Heng noticed a key point. Even if Jeanne d’Arc had such a setting, it did not mean everyone would know about it.

“I find out everything I can to prepare for eventualities. This is basic for a maid.”

“Oh, I see.” My ass! Chen Heng had never heard of this before. This was more like being a special agent.

However, Chen Heng could sort of understand. After all, he was her neighbor. Furthermore, they were so close. The Mo Clan would definitely investigate thoroughly. As Mo Qingtong’s personal maid, Raven was also an expert in the hidden world, functioning as Mo Qingtong’s bodyguard at the same time.

However, just because he knew did not mean he did not need to ask. If Chen Heng did not ask, it would appear strange.

“Have a seat fi

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