Book 02 Chapter 006: Saint Jeanne d’Arc: “Impartial Jeanne”
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 006: Saint Jeanne d’Arc: “Impartial Jeanne”

After Chen Heng coordinated with the two Servants and cleaned up the wyverns and skeleton soldiers, the French soldiers immediately retreated into the fortress as though they saw something terrifying.

Chen Heng understood why. After all, Jeanne d’Arc (the golden-haired girl) was here. The soldiers that Jeanne d’Arc Alter had terrorized would flee back into the fortress.

Mash brought Jeanne d’Arc over to Chen Heng and Gudako.

“Mister Ruler, thank you for your help earlier.” After Mash arrived before Chen Heng and Gudako, Mash expressed her gratitude to Chen Heng.

“Hey! You are a Ruler too?” After hearing Mash’s words of gratitude, the first person who reacted was not Chen Heng but Jeanne d’Arc, whom Mash brought back.

“That’s right. I’m a Ruler too. Including you and me, there are three Rulers in this Singularity, Miss Jeanne d’Arc.” Chen Heng did not express any shock at Jeanne d’Arc’s question. He even kindly explained to her.

“Oh! This is the true Saint Jeanne d’Arc? This is our first time meeting. I’m Fujimaru Ritsuka, Chaldea’s last Master.”

“Chaldea is?”

“Miss Jeanne d’Arc does not know?” What Chen Heng said earlier had given Fujimaru Ritsuka the impression Chaldea was quite famous in this Singularity.

“I don’t.”

“This is normal. Not every Servant knows about Chaldea. Only those of a certain level, such as the divine-level Servants, those with a Holy Grail, or people with a special ability to see the future, would know about Chaldea. For example, I have the Absolute Precognition, though it is damaged.” Everyone might have misunderstood because Chen Heng mentioned Chaldea’s name when they first met. Actually, no one would know about Chaldea until they were of a certain level. Take the 1st Singularity, for example. This Singularity was a cakewalk compared to the bosses of the later Singularities. It was just that the evil dragon Fafnir was a little harder to deal with.

The later the Singularities they went to, the more ridiculously powerful the enemies they would face. In the 7th Singularity, they wou

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