Book 03 Chapter 005: The Correct Way to Use the Attraction Ability
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 005: The Correct Way to Use the Attraction Ability

Forming a contract with a Master was straightforward. Soon, Chen Heng changed from a Masterless Servant to one supported by a Master; he no longer had to worry about mana. Although Fujimaru Ritsuka was not very talented, she had backers. Chaldea could convert electricity into mana to supply to Chaldea’s Servants. All the Servants who signed contracts with Fujimaru Ritsuka would receive mana from Chaldea’s headquarters.

“Ritsuka, can you check this Heroic Spirit’s Servant status screen?”

“Oh, sure. Let me take a look. This Heroic Spirit is a Ruler. His true name is He Who Knows Fate. His parameters are…also, his Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms…”

“The parameters are quite good; it’s just that his luck is a little low. Also, there’s that Justice from Heaven Noble Phantasm. How do I evaluate it… Ruler, how big a meteorite can you pull?” Doctor Roman did not investigate the Ruler’s true name any further. If even the Master could not see the true name, it meant that this Servant had an extremely complicated identity.

[TL Note: In Fate/Grand Order, Servants are usually addressed by their class.]

“Ah! This… It doesn’t depend on me but on how much mana you can provide me. I can even pull down the moon if you can provide me with a Holy Grail. Of course, it will take a little longer for the moon to arrive. My Noble Phantasm can also be used to gather materials. I can pull down whatever meteorite there is in space. Furthermore, this Noble Phantasm is an indiscriminate attack.” That’s right. This Noble Phantasm is an indiscriminate attack. If I pull down a large meteorite while in close combat, everyone will go down together.

“Then, please do your best not to use this Noble Phantasm, alright?” Doctor Roman felt speechless at the description of this Noble Phantasm. Was he strong? Yes. However, the attack was indiscriminate. If launched from afar, it was fine. However, wouldn’t it be over for everyone if used at close range?

“Don’t worry. I don’t like this Noble Phantasm, either. I can already kill the opponent in the

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