Book 02 Chapter 004: Chaldea Finally Arrives
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 004: Chaldea Finally Arrives

Chen Heng had been playing for two days. During these two days, he kept changing locations, choosing desolate places with no one around.

He had even considered helping the people who were being killed by the wyverns. However, he eventually dismissed that thought, as it might cause a disturbance that might attract many Servants over. These Servants were quite challenging to deal with when paired with wyverns. More importantly, Chen Heng did not have a Master. If he exhausted his mana, it would be over for him.

[TL Note: Masters are the people commanding and supporting the Servants. Here is more information:]

That did not mean Chen Heng cared about surviving. After all, this was just a Servant body. After he died, he would return to his true body, so he did not fear death. What he feared was no one being able to deal with Fafnir if he died. Then, Chaldea would get wiped out without clearing the 1st Singularity. If that were the case, wouldn’t this world be over? Order would be destroyed, and humankind would perish.

This was Chen Heng’s third day in this world. The night he arrived in this world did not count.

Just as Chen Heng was engrossed in the game, the mission system’s tracker suddenly sent out an alert.

Ding! Target is 15 kilometers southeast of your current position.

When Chen Heng heard this information, he immediately perked up. He had gotten tired of waiting in the tent over the past few days, spending his time grinding the game’s story.

He quickly dismantled the tent and stored it in his spatial storage. Then, he set off toward Chaldea’s group.

Chen Heng flew extremely fast, arriving at the location indicated by the system’s tracker in minutes. There, he saw a young woman brandishing a large shield, using it to chop down soldiers wearing French-style armor. An orange-haired young woman wearing Chaldea’s uniform was commanding the shield-wielding girl.

Chen Heng did not appear immediately. Instead, he used his attraction ability to twist the surrounding s

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